What is a web portal used for?

The concept of a web portal is becoming more and more popular on the Internet.  But despite this, many people still confuse it with a regular service site.  Nevertheless, these are two completely different resources with different purposes and functionality.  Every portal can be called a site, but not every site is a portal.

Before looking for differences between these two concepts, it is necessary to define each of them.  The portal is a large platform with a large amount of content of various types and interactive services.  The resource can be called a real information storage.

A quality web portal provides visitors with a wealth of useful information.  At the same time, the resource has a simple and well-thought-out navigation so that each user can quickly find the necessary information.  If properly designed, the resource becomes a kind of guide, directing users to other sites.  It is visited by people with similar interests, jobs or hobbies.

And if you decide to create such a site for yourself, then it is very important to contact the proven web portal development services in order to be 100% satisfied with the result.

A website is a resource of several pages united by one domain name.  Websites come in many different types.  Their types depend on the purpose, functionality and type of content posted.  The most common examples of regular websites are blogs, corporate platforms, online stores, social networks, etc.  Every day on the Internet, people browse thousands of different websites.

Difference between portal and website

Speaking about the differences between these two resources, it is worth noting that a web portal can be found on the Internet much less often than a regular site.  The main reason is that the process of developing a portal is a rather complex and time-consuming task, the high-quality implementation of which can only be done by professionals.  The cost of creating such a resource is several times higher than the cost of developing a conventional website.  While many can create a website on their own using free engines, things are completely different with portals.

When creating a portal, it is very important to use ux design trends.  To make the site special and want to visit.

The web portal has a number of features that distinguish it from the site and any other resources on the network:

Extensive directivity.  If the site is focused on a specific topic and audience, then the portal, in comparison with it, has a wider coverage.  The resource is devoted to a variety of topics and covers a much larger audience.  Every day it is visited by thousands of people.

The main task of the Internet portal is to help the reader and find answers to his questions.  To do this, the site contains links to external sites on which the user can obtain the necessary information.  Web sites have a specific focus and focus on only one topic, product or service.

Navigation is a key element of the portal.  The website has a complex structure; without competent navigation, visitors will not be able to use all of its capabilities.  Navigation is important for the site to work, but not that much.  When creating it, developers often focus on other elements.

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Websites are targeted only at a specific target audience.  Portals gather people with different interests.

Sites come in many different types, but they don’t have a clear classification.  For web portals, classification plays an important role.

The site has a simpler structure and function.  An Internet portal is a platform with a complex structure and a large number of possibilities.

Comparison of portal and site

The uniqueness of the web portal lies in the fact that it provides visitors with a large amount of information and various content, as well as interactive services and links to other Internet resources.  On such a site, you can simultaneously read news, view mail and weather forecasts, participate in discussions, etc.  It is convenient for the visitor and beneficial for the owner.  With the help of such a variety, you can keep the audience’s interest for a long time.

When hosting such a large amount of content and services, it is important not to forget about usability.  For a portal with such a large amount of data, it is important to develop competent navigation that will be simple and understandable for users.  It is important for the reader to quickly find answers to all questions of interest.

The creation of an Internet portal with such a complex structure is more expensive, but its owner receives a unique resource with many functions and services.  With its help, the owner will be able to receive a high income.

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