Blog: Definition, Types, & Benefits Explained

Have you penned your blogs? Blogs began in 1994 when a then-student John  Hall published his first blog online. 

From then on, the blogosphere has never been the same again. In this post, we’re going to talk about what a blog is, its types, and what things you need to know to begin your blog.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal. It is also a site that provides information in reverse chronological order. It’s a platform where writers share their views on a particular topic.

The number of blogs worldwide will exceed 600 million by 2022. Thirty-one million bloggers are posting at least every month in the United States in 2020.

What is the Purpose of Blog?

There are different reasons why someone would start a blog. It can be for personal or business reasons.

A  writer may blog about their travels, favorite foods, and recipes. Blogs are a great way to showcase your knowledge and educate others on different topics.

Besides, blogs are now used by many to build their brand. Business blogs can help a website rank high on the search engine result pages (SERPs). They can also improve the site’s visibility and build its credibility.

Studies showed that sites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. This leads to better chances of landing on the first page of SERPs and higher site traffic.

Businesses use blogs to reach their target audience. Better quality and quantity of blogs can lead to improved lead generation.

Structure of a Blog

Blogs have evolved through the years. Today, blogs are now added with widgets and other elements to make them more interactive.

Standard blogs have the following form and structure:

  • Header, menu, or navigation bar
  • Main content
  • Sidebar to showcase social profiles, CTA, and featured content
  • Footer that shows relevant links

What are the Different Types of Blogs?

Now, it’s time to learn about the different types of blogs to help you try out each and start blogging.

Personal Blog

The writer takes more of the spotlight than the audience in personal blogs. It’s more of a journal and commentary. The blogger may write about their life experiences, hobbies, or interests.

Business Blog

A business blog showcases a brand’s expertise in its niche to attract leads and improve its SERP ranking.

Business blogs may feature a company’s products and benefits. It’s also a platform where they can share their business developments.

Niche Blog

Unlike a personal blog, a niche blog focuses on a single topic. Writers blog topics that show their knowledge, skills, hobby, and passion. Niche blogs include travel, recipe, food, health and wellness, lifestyle, and family topics.

Reverse Blog

Reverse blogging is the opposite of guest blogging. The benefits of a reverse blog are:

  • To build strong relationships with other bloggers.
  • You, the owner of the blog have full control over who will blog on your site.
  • Link-building.
  • The owner of the blog has less work to do as contributors are the ones writing their content.
  • You provide the readers with a different perspective. 
  • You offer new topics that you may have not written about in the past.

Affiliate Blog

Affiliates use affiliate blogs for affiliate marketing. The writer includes links to promote third-party products or services.  When a user clicks the link on the affiliate site and makes a sale, the affiliate earns a commission.


Whether you’re starting a blog for personal or business, you need to know the proper way of blogging. You need to write blogs that are useful for your audience.

Once you start blogging, make sure to always update your audience with new topics. Business blogs are very effective in building a brand and authority.  Don’t forget to share your blogs on social media to build traffic and grow your followers.

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