What Exactly is Functional Medicine & Their Principles

The term Functional medicine refers to one thing entirely totally different from the model we’ve become familiar with as Traditional Medicine or the standard medical model of treatment. To fully comprehend the concept behind Functional Medicine, it is essential to differentiate it from Traditional Medicine.

The Functional medicine model is focused on the creation of a disease health issue by factors like genetics as well as lifestyle and diet choices, rather than treating the illness by itself.

What is Functional Medicine?

Every patient’s requirements are assessed and each patient’s needs are assessed individually. The symptoms are not dealt with separately, as is typically the case in traditional medicine.

The most common cause for the illness is a disorder or malfunction of the bodily systems. Functional Medicine is a method of digging deeper to uncover the root causes of the patient’s health issues. The long-term cure cannot be just by managing the symptoms of the disease. 

Functional Medicine’s purpose is to determine what causes imbalance within the body. That is, what’s stopping the body from performing at its best. The functional approach aims to determine what is causing problems in the body and then determine what the body requires to be able to perform at its peak. The main task is finding a functional medicine doctor because this is the starting. Only the best functional medicine doctor can cure diseases with functional medicines.

Top 3 Principles of Functional Medicine

The most important aspect of the method is looking at the function that has been lost and the way you can restore it. As an example, it is supported by five principles that define the way to treat each person.

1. The person is not a disease, but a human being

Each of us is unique. Each one of us is genetic blueprints that define our appearance at our height, how tall we stand, and how our body functions. Due to this, the principle that is at the heart of functional medicine is to treat every person as unique.

They aren’t a disease but an individual who will possess their own biochemical constitution. Each one has its own set of healing mechanisms that are based on its biochemical structure. Inspiring self-healing is a crucial aspect of managing chronic diseases, as per the model of functional medicine.

2. Functional medicine is based on evidence.

Like the conventional method of health care, Functional medicine has to be determined by evidence. Every one of us is the product of a web of interconnectedness that affects not just our health, but also the way we react to diseases and illness.

These intricate connections give us an understanding of the way that our bodies function and the impact it has on the person. The benefits of person-centered care are being increasingly highlighted in the ongoing research into medical conditions.

Functional medicine is fundamentally science-based and focuses on the complex system of genetic material, gender, age, and lifestyle choices to determine where the illness originates. Functional medicine doesn’t make generalizations about the disease by looking at the body’s functions as it is a whole.

3. Human body self-healing

Today’s research shows our bodies are extremely efficient in managing itself, and in many situations, it is able to heal itself.

The balance of different organs of the body and the way they interact is an essential element in creating an environment that allows healing to occur. There is a lot of evidence that functional medicine may help to address major public health issues like type 2 diabetes by altering the way of life and eating habits.

Functional medicine examines your body’s delicate equilibrium, and how the body regulates itself. It is believed that our body is able to heal itself. And when we understand how it operates in a unique way it is possible to understand the factors that may be hindering it! Through aiding the body to heal in the way it is supposed to, instead of causing it to behave differently, a better and long-term solution is identified.


Functional Medicine is an integrated method of healthcare that addresses the fundamental causes behind disease. It is a personalized healthcare method that allows both patients and doctors to work together to determine and address the root cause of illness.

The practice of functional therapy is founded on the embedding of the highest quality alternatives to conventional and science-based treatment. It is a patient-centered method of treatment that aims to improve health and vitality through addressing the root cause of illness in the context of the medical history of the patient and lab tests.

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