What Are the Different Types of Motorcycles That Exist Today?

Did you know that there are about 8.6 million registered on-road motorcycles in the US? This is a sharp increase from what we had in the last decade, and the numbers keep growing by the day.

Not only are motorcycles a great way to travel around, but motorcycle riding is also a great hobby to pick up. If you’re looking to start motorcycle riding, the first thing is to get the motorcycle in question. However, with so many different types of motorcycles, doing so might be easier said than done.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the various types of motorcycles you can opt for.

Standard Motorcycles

As the name implies, standard motorcycles are the most common type of motorcycle on American roads today. This motorcycle has a straightforward design and is suitable for all types of roads.

In terms of engine size, they range from 125cc to 1,000cc, with larger engine capacities handling rough terrain better. It’s great for beginners since it’s a simple and all-around motorcycle. You can adjust it to fit an extra seat, luggage, or even a tank bag.

In terms of ergonomics, expect normal seating and handlebars. You won’t have to lean forward in your seat or recline backward. Since the seat height is a bit shorter than mid-range, it’s a good fit for everyone.

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser motorbikes are what many motorcycling enthusiasts refer to as “choppers.” These motorcycles are popular for their retro looks and “badass” aesthetics. Manufacturers designed these bikes primarily for cruising, hence the “cruiser” tag.

These bikes have a lower seat height, which makes for a more pleasant cruising experience. Engine size depends on the brand you get, but it’s capped at slightly above 1000cc. Harley Davidson is arguably the most popular cruiser brand and is the perfect example of a cruiser bike.

Touring Motorcycle

You can identify a touring motorcycle by its characteristic large size and large engines. Touring motorcycles are larger than other types of motorcycles. They also have a large windshield in front of the handlebars to protect the rider from the elements.

As the name suggests, touring motorcycles are primarily for cross-country tours. The large sizes allow for extra storage space for carrying travel essentials. The motorcycle also has excellent ergonomics, so you can travel for hours on end without feeling strained.

These motorcycles seemingly last forever and can rack up some serious mileage over the years. If you’re looking for a bike to tour cities and the countryside, this is the bike for you.

Sport Motorcycles (Sport Bikes)

Sport motorcycles are the super-fast motorcycles you’ve probably seen on TV. Sport motorcycles, or sportbikes, are special motorcycles designed for speed and agility. They’re lighter than other motorcycles and are typically made of aluminum.

The ergonomics are oriented forward to give the rider more control over the motorcycle. The seat height is a little higher and might be unsuitable for shorter riders. However, this shouldn’t deter you from getting one if you’re passionate about fast motorcycles.

If you want to ride a sportbike, it’s important to start your training with an M1 test. This will equip you with the necessary know-how to handle sports motorcycles,

Sport Touring Motorcycles

What do you get when you combine a sports motorcycle with a touring motorcycle? That’s right, you get a sport-touring motorcycle. These motorcycles mix the agility of sport motorcycles with the utility of touring motorcycles.

It has slightly less power than a sports bike, which makes it easier to handle for its large size. It also doesn’t have too much storage space, but you can fit extra bags on it for carrying your motorcycle gear. It’s great for long tours, yet has the look and feel of a sports motorcycle.

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are also known as off-road bikes and are great for the outdoors. They’re smaller and lighter than other bikes, with a smaller engine capacity. These bikes are mainly for sport and are hard to spot on highways.

Dual Sports Motorcycle

The name “dual sports” is somewhat of a misnomer because dual-sport motorcycles aren’t twice as fast as regular sportbikes. Far from this, these bikes have a special design that allows them to go anywhere and do anything. That means they can handle rough terrain, muddy roadways, and anything else you throw at them.

These motorcycles have incredible off-road suspension, and some have knobby tires. The seat height is a little high for most people’s liking, but not enough to make riding it unbearable. In fact, the taller seat height makes it easier to navigate rough terrain.

One downside to this type of motorcycle is that it may not have enough storage space for all your motorcycle essentials. Still, it makes a great motorcycle for long journeys, especially through treacherous terrain.


There’s still a lot of debate about whether scooters qualify as actual motorcycles. Scooters make the list because they have similar parts to motorcycles and only differ in design.

That said, scooters are lighter than conventional motorcycles and are lower to the ground. They’re super safe to ride and are great for metropolitan areas with heavy traffic. They have great maneuverability, and riding them is a breeze.

In terms of engine size, it varies from 50cc to 500cc. The low engine capacity makes scooters one of the most economical motorcycles you can get today.


Although most people think mopeds are scooters or a sub-category of scooters, they’re not. Unlike scooters, mopeds have a lighter frame and a smaller engine. They also have very little storage space and don’t have fairings.

Mopeds are great for traveling short distances, but they can’t handle long journeys. These days, it’s harder to spot mopeds, but if you’re lucky, you can snag one for yourself.

The Different Types of Motorcycles for Your Choosing

Now that you know the different types of motorcycles, it’s up to you to pick the right one for your needs. The US motorcycle industry is thriving and boasts some of the best motorcycles in the world. Do your homework and find the perfect motorcycle to help you get around.

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