Top 9 Reasons Why Do You Need A Matchmaker?

Professional matchmakers may seem like a bygone era in an era of dating apps and casual encounters. That said, although they’ve been connecting singles since before Tinder existed, matchmakers as a vocation are still going strong. From their sixth instinct for finding compatible partners to how they deal with finicky customers, we talked to numerous matchmakers to get a picture of how their business truly works.

1. You’ll Save Time & Effort by Working with a Matchmaker

You don’t have to pick between going to the gym or a club to meet someone if you are taking the services of professional matchmakers. Whether you’re working out, partying, cleaning the home, walking your dog, or sleeping, your matchmaker can find your mates while you’re doing any of these things. In addition, you don’t have to put in the same amount of effort as you do with singles events or online dating. If you don’t want to spend your evenings searching for new matches, creating a lengthy profile, or responding to unsolicited messages, online dating is for you. You don’t have to worry about anything.

2. Awkward Approaches at Bars Aren’t a Concern for Shy People Anymore

If you’re shy, working with a matchmaker might be a terrific solution for you. Introductions can be less unpleasant and nerve-wracking when the matchmaker acts as a go-between. Nobody has to set you up on blind dates anymore by their well-meaning but completely off buddies or approach you when you’re out and about without knowing if they’re single anymore. All of your matches are searching for a date or relationship, and you and the other person are provided with some background information by the matchmaker prior to the initial meeting. As a result, it should be easy to break the ice.

3. Assume He or She Has Years of Experience and Is a Certified Professional

Most matchmakers in the business have been doing it for decades. Some claim that they’ve been matching individuals since they were children – it’s in their DNA.

The Matchmaking Institute has qualified and taught a large number of matchmakers.

Matchmaking Institute is where the professional matchmakers go to get certified and learn how to improve their talents in the field. A qualified matchmaker is someone you can rely on, so you may put your faith in him or her. Always investigate the matchmaker’s website as well as Google to determine whether they have a good reputation and background.

4. The Process Is Tailored to Your Specific Needs

A free consultation is a common first step for a matchmaker. Tell them a little about yourself and the sort of person you’re looking for, including your interests, educational background, professional career aspirations (if any), time commitments (if any), and family and personal responsibilities (if any). There will be a discussion on how much it will cost, how often it will be, how many introductions you’ll receive, how you’ll be contacted, how you’ll be contacted, and so on. A lot of it will be tailored to your requirements and your budget.

5. There will always be someone to introduce you to others.

If you go to a bar, a concert, a club, or anywhere else hoping to meet someone for a date, you should be prepared for the unexpected. You may fail, or you may not meet anybody new at all, despite your best efforts. When you use professional matchmakers, you’ll always get dates. The promise of one date a week or month or whatever is made by certain matchmakers. It’s not like you’re going in blind. Find out how many dates you may expect from the matchmaker you’re considering by checking out their website’s “How It Works” page or something similar.

6. If You Have a Suggestion, They’ll Listen!

When you deal with a matchmaker, you have the option of being involved in every choice or letting them take charge. Before each date, you may share your opinions with them. You may also provide feedback after each date to let them know how it went and if there are any improvements that need to be made.

After each date, you will be able to inform your matchmaker what type of person you’re attracted to and how the date went.

For example, the last date may have a hectic work schedule, a love for travel that’s not quite as strong as yours, or an allergy to dogs. All of this information may be given to the matchmaker, who will then search through his or her database of people to discover someone who is more closely aligned with your interests.

7. But You’ll also be urged to look beyond your “type”.

Your matchmaker will value your input, but he or she will also encourage you to go out of your comfort zone if you have one. It’s important not to become too used to your routine. Most matchmakers have a fantastic sense of intuition, and they’ll encourage you to think outside the box and give folks the benefit of the doubt when it comes to dating. Are blondes, doctors, or people who live within 20 minutes of each other truly necessary requirements for a date? It’s unlikely. When it comes to religion, politics, and children, does a potential suitor need to share your views? Probably. Make sure you know what your deal breakers are before you start looking for a new partner.

8. Makeovers & Coaching Are Also Possible Extras.

Because matchmakers are generally multitaskers, they may also provide other services like makeovers or relationship advice in addition to matchmaking. As a result, they may assist you in determining the appropriate attire, how to style one’s hair or do one’s makeup, where one should go on a first date, and so on. It’s possible that the matchmaker can take a more broad view of your life and not simply your dating life.

9. It’s Safe

In addition, a matchmaker will do background checks for you. It is unfortunate that Tinder has become a popular target for scammers and fraudsters attempting to take advantage of the vulnerable and innocent. There are no background checks, which implies that anybody may be anything they want, no matter how vast their falsehoods in their bio are.

Matchmakers can do background checks and ID verifications to ensure that everyone you meet is genuine and who they claim to be. As a result, you feel more secure and are less likely to be let down when you meet someone who does not live up to your expectations.


What matters most is what the heart desires. Even when they appear to be worlds apart, people who seem like they’d never get along end up making some of the best friends. However, most professional matchmakers appear to agree that being realistic about whether or not your vision for the future overlaps will undoubtedly spare you from treading water with individuals who will never be on the same page as you if you’re looking for a relationship.

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