Top 5 DIY No Equipment Exercises For Moms

With the increasing trend of remote working amid the pandemic, unwanted weight gain and poor exercise habits are issues that working moms should address on priority. While juggling between your workstation and errands while working from home, your exercise regimen is somewhere lost (and ignored) but this is not what you want, right? Well, what if we tell you there is a way to get in shape, enhance your stamina, and feel amazing without leaving the comfort of our own home or breaking the restrictions of lockdown?

Luckily, fitness experts recommend these no-equipment workouts so you do not need expensive gym equipment to develop your exercise regimen. By following these simple, no-equipment exercise routine, unwanted fats can be reduced and you can begin your journey towards a healthy lifestyle:

  1. The Planks

Planks are a great exercise for targeting your abs, lower back, obliques, glutes, hips, and triceps. Planks can effectively target our difficult-to-reach abdominal muscles when we’re short on time or starting our workday. Within a matter of a few seconds, our entire waist, lower back, and outside of arms begin to pain as new muscle fibers manifest into actuality. 

To do planks, find a comfortable place with a mat or padded surface. Lay down with your face downwards. Place your hands on the ground under your shoulders. Hold your whole body in a plank shape and maintain this position for this workout for 10-30 seconds at least and repeat it 3-4 times.

  1. The Classic Crunch 

This movement is for newcomers and burns calories like a seething fire. If you are still not motivated enough to get off the settee and into your exercise gear, you can perform this exercise while lying on the ground! 

Similar to the plank, a comfy padded space is required to lie on the floor with your upper body facing the ceiling. Once positioned, put your hands near the back of your head near your ears and slightly bend your knees. After putting your feet on the ground, keep your hands in the same place, do a sit-up action and repeat it. 

  1. Reverse Crunching 

For this exercise, lay yourself on the bottom as you did during a normal crunch, but this time you’ll be placing your hands on the ground and then extending your legs out. 

After getting ready, keep your inner ankles touching while lifting your legs from the ground in accord. Now bring your legs above your lower belly and stop at an 80 to 90-degree angle, squeeze your abs and hold this posture for a while. 

  1. Lying Glute Bridge 

This exercise can transfigure completely how you perceive exercise. Start this movement while facing the ceiling on a padded sheet and put your feet onto the ground under your hips at a 90-degree angle. When ready, start pushing your heels into the ground. Now slightly by elevating your legs, your core will be off the ground. Do this while keeping the cervical region of your back, full neck, and head on the ground.  

  1. Russian Twist

This movement engages your complete core muscles that are used for stability and stimulates them. First, find an area, and sit on the ground with your legs straightened. Now before going further, the crucial point in the Russian twist is that while doing this exercise your feet and legs should not touch the floor. Now start with shifting both your hands to any one side of your hips and suppose you’re picking up something. Once you imagine the item and do the movement then repeat the same movement on the other side. This exercise is already good for the core. However, to get the most out of it, you can carry a small weight in your hands while doing the movement.

By continuously doing the above-mentioned 5 exercises, you can easily lose excessive calories and unwanted weight from your body. Keyword here is to practice continuously


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