Top 3 Reasons to Order a High School Class Ring

When your time to finally walk the stage as you graduate high school approaches, one of the opportunities you’ll have is to purchase your high school class ring. The tradition of class rings is extensive, going all the way back to 1835! High school rings are keepsakes that students hold for the rest of their lives.

But are class rings worth it? When class ring ordering comes around, picking up a high school class ring is a fantastic idea. Read on for three major perks of class rings.

1. Eternal Reminder and Keepsake

One of the most dominant reasons is that your high school class ring will serve as an eternal reminder beyond a simple souvenir. High school is a tumultuous, difficult time that nearly everyone goes through. Having something other than your diploma as a reminder that you persevered is always welcome.

Class rings are typically made of sturdy, rugged materials, with many companies offering class ring customization. These rings will last for much of your lifetime, especially with good care. And while they may not be something you’ll want to wear every day, they’ll last forever in a quality display case.

Make sure that you’re up to date on when to order class rings and know your customization options. That way, you can know what materials will help your ring last the longest.

2. Extensive Tradition

Class rings are more than just a piece of jewelry to show school spirit. These rings have an extensive history beginning with the United States Military Academy of West Point in 1835. From there, the tradition spread to many other educational facilities and is now a common tradition across the entire nation.

Purchasing your class ring helps you take part in this nearly 200-year tradition and help keep it alive. When the time comes, you can help your descendants take part in the tradition as well! 

3. Celebrate Achievements

Class ring importance is directly tied to the importance of your completion of high school. Such a milestone can sometimes feel unimportant, especially if you intend to further your education. But make no mistake, passing this goalpost is an incredible achievement that deserves celebration.

As you end your high school career, you’ve proven that you can do everything it takes to pass into adulthood. Your education is complete and you’ve become a full member of society.

Your high school class ring is a symbol of this incredible accomplishment. Class ring ordering is a wonderful privilege that you deserve and should take pride in.

Wearing Your High School Class Ring

Your high school class ring is a symbol of your accomplishment and perseverance. Whether you intend to wear it or display it, this ring is something that you’ll look at fondly for the rest of your life. It could even stay in your family as an heirloom for generations to inspire and comfort your loved ones.

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