Six Reasons to Buy a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

An engagement ring has a special meaning for a couple and that is – a symbol of love, dedication, and commitment. Also, it indicates that the wearer of the ring is engaged with someone & soon to be married.

While diamonds are the most preferred gemstone choice for engagement rings, it is a fact that sapphires are quickly becoming a popular choice as well.

This exquisite gemstone is well associated with value. and considered as a stone of the British Royal Family. So as Lady Diana’s engagement ring and  British Crown Jewels include sapphires. So if you are the type of bride looking to break tradition, sapphire is great to do so.

Indeed blue sapphire has been a worthy gemstone throughout history. This unique history and its astonishing beauty are just a few reasons for the growing popularity of sapphire engagement rings. Mostly, people are familiar with sapphires being a rich royal blue color. The traditional deep blue color of sapphires is a stunning choice for the ring. For this reason, we’ve seen a rise in couples choosing a blue sapphire as an engagement ring.

You need to know the facts about it if looking to buy a blue sapphire engagement ringDiamonds of similar shape and carat weight are usually more expensive than Sapphires. Because of this, sapphires are a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. For couples looking to maximize the size of their center stone while staying within a budget, opting for a sapphire can make a big difference.

There are a few more reasons everyone is buying sapphires for their Engagement Ring. We will talk about all of them in this blog.

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Higher Affordability

Made for Lifetime

Value for Money

Rarer than Diamonds

Amazing Colour Choice

More Unique Engagement Ring


Higher Affordability

There are several factors on which the price of a sapphire depends including size, shape, cut, color, variety, and origin of it. In general, they are more affordable than diamonds of similar shape and carat weight. For this reason, they are an intelligent option for couples who want an engagement ring with a large center gemstone but don’t have the affordability for a large diamond. Sapphire engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to diamond engagement rings because sapphire is more budget-friendly for couples. Sapphires also look beautiful in any style, from modern to vintage or antique, as solitaires or with accent stones. It is best to increase the Look and Appeal of the ring which is one of the prime requirements of an engagement ring. If you like the look of sapphires but would prefer a diamond or other gemstone as your center stone, sapphire accent stones can be a beautiful way to incorporate both.

They are made for Lifetime

With a hardness scale ranking of 9, sapphires are considered highly durable and hard gemstones for everyday wear. Sapphires also don’t have cleavage, so they don’t easily break when they hit or struck, and they are scratch-resistant.

While a diamond is the hardest mineral with a 10 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness, corundum (the mineral family for sapphires and rubies) Sapphire is the next hardest with a rating of 9. Because of their toughness,  sapphires are great gemstones for everyday wear and jewelry pieces. At-home care is also relatively simple for sapphires, regular cleanings with lukewarm, soapy water are all enough to keep the sapphire center stone sparkling. Needless to say about the popularity of sapphire as an engagement ring.

They are valued for Money

The rise of value has triggered in a similar way for sapphires with its extending demand as a gemstone choice for engagement rings. Recent auctions are the evidence of this around the world for some time now. According to their opinion sales of untreated sapphires are rising. Thanks go to growing consumer awareness about their value. These trends have dramatically increased their value, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. So it is worth deciding to buy a blue sapphire engagement ring.

They are Rarer than Diamonds

It may be a surprise for you that sapphires are indeed rarer than diamonds. The ingenious marketing campaign “a diamond is forever” from diamond merchants has completely changed the public’s view of diamonds. It is assumed that diamonds are rare compared to other gemstones. 

Diamonds are the most common of the four precious gemstones. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, are rarer than diamonds. This rarity is what makes these gemstones so valuable and popular choices for a blue sapphire engagement ring set. In contrast, the value of diamonds is based primarily on demand. Considerably, diamond is expensive due to their demand all over the world.

Amazing Colour Choice

Of course, sapphires do not just come in single or white colors. They come in dazzling colors ranging from vibrant greens to deep blues, light pinks, purples, and just about all colors of the spectrum. The most valuable of the fancy sapphires is the Kashmir sapphire. It has a pure, violet-blue color of velvety blue and commands the highest price per carat. Surprising to know the fact: Rubies and sapphires are composed of the same mineral (corundum) and Rubies are known as red sapphires.

They make your engagement ring more unique

Sapphire engagement rings are automatically a unique choice because diamonds are the most popular, and therefore a common gemstone choice for engagement rings. Beyond that, “Sapphires are often bought not only they are more affordable than diamonds, but because of their unmatched colors…from rich indigo blue to ocean spray blue. Sapphires are also unique because they have so many variances in their shades. As a result, no two sapphires are alike; even if they are the same color, their different shades make them unique as your engagement ring. 

You can choose the unique sapphire engagement ring set for you as sapphires look stunning in both contemporary and traditional ring settings with their diversity of colors. Also, sapphires look wonderful against white gold. Depending on the shade of stone you select, they can look lovely against the warm hues of yellow and rose gold. 


Sapphire is a gemstone that has the perfect balance of classical beauty and contemporary expression. For this reason, it is allowing you to choose one that reflects you or your partner’s personality. Choosing this gemstone for an engagement ring will give a royal appeal to your dream engagement ring that you always want to have. 

You may go through plenty of exquisite engagement ring styles and gemstone options to consider for your engagement ring while going to buy a blue sapphire engagement ring. And the sapphire is one of them. From white sapphire engagement rings to rich blue sapphire engagement rings or any of the other stunning sapphire colors, sapphire engagement rings are a unique stunning choice.

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