Tips On How to Choose a Belly Button Ring

One of the most trending styles that have grown in recent times but have been developing over the years is belly button piercing. While ear and nose piercings are comparatively common and have been going on for the past hundreds of years, belly button piercing is relatively newer in fashion and was brought about just a handful of years ago.

While not everyone prefers to get their belly button pierced, there are people who love this trend and have adapted to it. However, there are others who love it the same but still haven’t brought up the courage to get their bellies pierced. If you are one of them, then we would recommend you to get it done since ItsHot and makes you look a lot more attractive. 

Similar to how you change your earrings, there are different rings and designs for jewelry related to the belly buttons too. All you need is to pick the one which suits you and equips well with your body.

How to choose a Belly Button Piercing?

If you are someone who has pierced their belly buttons, then we are sure you wear a lot of high and cropped tops to show off your piercing. Hence, similar to how you change your earrings according to your dressing and your mood, we are sure your belly button ring must be of concern to you too.

It is important to know how to buy a good belly button ring before purchasing one so that you get one resonating with your style and something which works well on your body. There are different belly button rings, and those depend on your preference and needs.

  • Type of Clothing: 

Similar to how different earrings or hairstyles go with different outfits, different types of belly button piercings go well with different types of clothing. So have enough knowledge on which belly button piercing goes well with which clothing style, so it becomes easier for you to know which one will look amazing on which. There are several types that go well with a different clothing style. For example, a banana curved or curved barbell goes well with low waist jeans or shorts.

  • Your Belly Shape:

Similar to how you choose your clothing, mostly according to your body type and what looks good on you, belly rings work the same. The belly shape determines and says a lot about the rings that will suit you. A rightly chosen ring according to the shape and structure of your body and abdomen will help highlight and prominent your belly button more when exposed.

Hence, if you want to understand which style suits you, we suggest experimenting around a lot before making your final decisions on a few.

  • Reliable Shops:

Not all shops bring about the best quality material and hence it is important that you always buy your rings from reliable shops. The belly area is very sensitive and is more prone to infection and contamination. Hence buying rings from reliable and clean shops which you know will not harm you is very important.

Moreover, how often you clean your jewelry is also very important. Make sure to clean your rings after a few days’ intervals to keep them clean and contamination-free. The ring’s cleanliness is important for your health as well. 

  • Ring Shape:

While every ring has a different shape, each feels very different to wear as well. Some rings can give off very hard-to-wear characteristics and can show some redness or impact on your belly area. This is similar to how the weight or shape of some earrings don’t suit you, and your ear starts turning red. Hence it is important to wear lightweight and good quality rings on your belly. 

Right Metals and Materials:

One of the most important aspects when buying a belly ring is to know the quality of the ring and its material. The Belly Button rings are available in different materials. However, not every material will suit everyone. Hence it is important to know which material will your body work well with and then purchase accordingly.

The navel is an important and sensitive area of your body; hence making sure that you buy the right quality ring with the right material is very important. It will save you from possible inflammations or infections.

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Getting your belly pierced is an individual choice. However, if you have taken the big step, you should know the necessary precautions you should take and how well you should take care of it.

How often should you clean your jewelry remains a solid question, and the answer to it is that you should clean it every few days. Not only can your pierced area be infected because of bad and contaminated jewelry, but the contamination can move inside your body too.

So choose your belly button ring wisely and live your bold fashion types openly.

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