The Ultimate Law Office Desk Supplies Checklist

There are more than 440,000 law firms in the US. That means there are lots of attorneys in need of law office desk supplies. 

Choosing office desk supplies for a law firm isn’t as intuitive as it is for other workspaces. The truth is, legal professionals have different must-haves than other office workers. And, if you’re in charge of buying those supplies, it can be tough to make sure you get everything the law firm needs. 

Here’s our law firm supplies checklist to help you shop. That way, you won’t forget anything — and your team will be able to get the job done every time. 

1. Legal Pads

Let’s start with what might be obvious: a law office will always need legal pads. Lawyers always have these pads on hand as they trek in and out of meetings with clients and with each other. They can easily take notes — and write in shorthand — on these flat pads. 

So, stock up on white and yellow legal pads. The team can choose the color they prefer and get on with their note-taking.

2. Sticky Notes and Flags

Sometimes, you need to take notes within your notes. Any lawyer can tell you that. 

Having a plethora of different types of sticky notes and flags on hand can make it easy for your team to pinpoint their most important notes. These plaintiff exhibit stickers are the perfect example — they can help you keep print-outs or notepads organized with all of the plaintiff-related notes marked with one shape and color.

3. Envelopes

Your law office will need lots of different envelopes. You’ll need your traditional white envelopes for mail, as well as legal-sized gusseted envelopes to send documents around the office or between firms. 

Those aren’t the only sizes you’ll need, of course, but they’re probably the two types of envelopes that you’ll use most. So, have them on hand, as well as few others — say, express envelopes in case of an emergency mailing — to keep the firm’s business moving. 

4. File Folders and Dividers

The papers that don’t go into envelopes will probably end up in a file folder somewhere. Or, your team might throw them into a binder for a big case. This will require dividers to keep the papers in order. 

5. Printer Ink 

As we mentioned above, lawyers create a lot of documents to mail, sign, or file. You can’t create all of that paper that you’ll stuff into envelopes without a stock of printer ink. 

You’ll want to have a few extra cartridges on hand to be sure your printer never halts. On that note, be sure to stock printer paper, too — your printer can’t run without that, either. 

Stock Up on Office Desk Supplies

Your workplace’s closet full of office desk supplies will be slightly different than the average office’s. But having lots of the above supplies will keep the place running no matter what’s going on. 

Need more business advice? Be sure to check back with us regularly for more. 

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