How Can Google My Business Help Your Family Law Firm to bring more clients?

All the online marketing experts know the importance of optimizing law firms’ websites for improved search engine ranking. That is why, in the present, it is essential to look for the best marketing agency for a law firm to create website content and consequently boost website feasibility. You can enhance your family law firm’s SEO performance by working on the right keywords and constantly updating the SEO strategy. It can help you to achieve the top no.1 spot on SERPs.

But when it comes to family law services, there are specific areas of the digital marketing strategy that need to be prioritized, and one such area is the local searches. Without appearing in the local searches, the dream of becoming a successful family law firm can never turn into a reality. 

For family law firms, the potential clients must come from nearby areas and cities. That is why incorporating strategies based on local search aspects like Google My Business becomes crucial for family law firms. Here is how you can use the power of Google My Business to help your family law firm. 

What is Google My Business?

It is a free service designed specifically to make it easy for local businesses to manage their local listing in Google search results. Most of the time you search for local services, you see a Google My Business at work. Google My Business shows the website, contact information, address, and reviews related to the business. 

The list directly shows the link to your official website along with direction pages on Google maps. Therefore, you should never forget to include Google My Business while working on a local family law marketing strategy. 

How does improving Google My Business help family law firms?

Appear in Google Map search results 

The best part about Google My Business is it automatically takes the information related to your family law firm and runs it for free. So, you can use the power of Google My Business even without spending a single penny on it. 

After entering the information in the required fields of Google My Business, the exact location of your law firm starts appearing on Google Maps search results. And in this search result, the name of your law firm is labeled and highlighted. 

A way to visit your website 

Along with this, the listing on Google My Business also shows links related to your official website. Thus, potential clients can visit your website and know more about your services despite a simple Google search. 

So, if you have a good listing on Google My Business or GMB, more people will be interested in visiting your website, and thus, we can say that GMB has a direct effect on your website traffic.  

Talk directly with your audience. 

Another good thing about Google My Business is the Google Posts. With the help of Google Posts, you can show detailed insights and updates on your listing like promotions, newsletters, special offers, announcements, videos, articles, event invitations, employee achievements, and much more. It helps in spreading awareness of your firm. 

But the best part about Google Posts is that it helps you stand out from the crowd without the need to invest a tremendous amount of money in family law marketing strategy. You can even encourage the prospects to engage with you through such posts. 

Show positive reviews 

If a potential client is ready to work with you, reviews can make a lot of difference. According to a survey, more than 62% of the customers read online reviews before engaging with any business, and the same goes for your family law firm.

GMB makes it easier for your clients to leave a glowing review of the legal service you have provided. Then, you can use those reviews for potential clients who are looking for ways to authenticate your quality of service. Yet another reason to use GMB and reviews while working on family law digital marketing plans. 

More insights into your clients 

There is a unique insight tab available in GMB. You can use this tab to understand your audience better. Then, based on those insights, you can better optimize the current family law digital marketing strategy

There are three main sections of the insight tabs of GMB; audience, engagement, and visibility. The visibility section shows you the number of views on your profile, posts, and photos. The engagement section indicates the number of people who have interacted with your posts, and the audience section shows the demographics that are following you. 

Aligning your local marketing strategy with GMB 

As a family law firm, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of local digital marketing as you are always expecting potential clients from nearby places or cities. But the one thing you have to focus on is aligning your GMB with your local marketing strategy. GMB can be the best tool used to streamline your regional marketing strategy, and if used well, you can become a local start in terms of legal services and build a solid base of foundation for the success of your law firm. 

Key Takeaways

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving; thus, user search results are also changing. Today, users respond and react to local businesses differently. As a business owner, if you want to drive your targeted clients to your website, you must put effort into your Google My Business account. GMB might be useful for all businesses, but it is necessary for family law firms. From increasing visibility to giving a reason for customers to trust your services, there are many benefits offered by GMB to family law firms. Therefore, they should never be left out of the digital marketing strategy.

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