The relationship between sex and heart health.

Sex is an integral part of human relationships, your health, and your quality of life. However, both men and women have less sexual urge after a heart attack or a heart procedure trt clinics.

Though the discussion about sexual health and your heart can seem an embarrassing topic, you should not allow that to stop you from learning about the condition. While studies have shown that sexual activity can cause heart attack, mostly in men, the dangers posed by it are minimal.

Although the attacks are rare, no one wants to be among the few unlucky ones who die in the line of duty. Here are the common questions people ask about sex and heart health to help you be on the safe side.

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1. Is sex good for your health?

Studies have shown that regular sex is associated with a longer lifespan. This fact may be partially true because good health facilitates good sex life.

Having more sex has better rewards, including stress management and the development of a positive attitude, which can positively impact your health and lifespan.

Although the reasoning applies to women, men who have sex at least twice a week are less likely to develop heart-related diseases. Studies like these are centered on men because they are the ones most affected.

There is no proof that sex prevents heart-related disorders. However, frequent sexual activity is a component of general heart health. Having more sex will probably make you fitter and more active. If you are not so much into sex, you need to consider starting.

2. Is sex risky if you have heart disease?

Though not a common question, people always ask this after a heart complication or diagnosis of related diseases. However, it is encouraged that you have sex if you are fit for it.

Like what happens during an active exercise, your blood pressure will shoot to a high of 160/90 during sex and reduce afterward. Though the cases are rare, there has been evidence that having sex with a different partner can pose risks to men with heart complications.

3. Can people approve that sex is good for your heart?

Technically, the simple answer to this question is no. For instance, observational research can find a correlation, but they cannot prove the cause-effect relationship.

Proving the cause and effect relationship, you need to perform a random clinical test that involves people who abstain from sex for long. This is usually unlikely. And therefore, it is the reason we say sex is good for your health, but we cannot say it definitely.

4. Does sex benefit your overall health?

Yes, sex is likely important for your general body health. Even though it is not an intense body workout, sex can be a central part of ensuring your body fitness and general healthy lifestyle. Frequent sex will make you more relaxed, happier, and less stressed.

In a nutshell, sex is helpful to your heart and overall body health. Since it is not harmful to your health, save for rare cases, using the word “probably” is the most fitting answer to use.

5. Is sex an exercise?

Though not much of an exercise, sex is a better way to stay fit. You will not burn your daily body calories during an average sexual activity, even though most people do not admit to being average during sex.

Suppose an average of fifteen minutes during sex you get an equal amount of activity as walking a distance of one mile in less than 20 minutes. This translates to the person on top clocking a heart rate of 120 while the on the bottom reaching 110.

Simply put, you perform an average of cardiovascular exercise when you have sexual activity, but you should not count it as a full-body workout for fitness.

6. Is sex good after a heart procedure?

 Medically, if you have had a heart procedure like a stent or bypass, your heart endurance will remain unchanged. However, you need to be wary of mechanical limitations.

Catheters and stents inserted via the groin need at least one to two weeks to heal, while bypasses will take a longer time compared to both. This is because the sternum is usually cracked open and generally takes six weeks to heal.

Regardless of the procedure, you have undergone, do not engage in sexual activities before discussing with your doctor to give you the go-ahead.

Signs you are healthy enough for sex.

The main fear relating to intimacy for persons with heart problems is the likelihood of having a heart attack during sex. While sex will increase your heart rate, it is not something you should be worried about if you have stable heart disease.

Generally, if you can walk the stairs, jog, or walk a mile, you can safely have sex even if you have heart-related complications.

According to professionals, the possibility of having a heart attack during sex is very low and should not scare you away from being intimate with your partner. This is true if you are not experiencing any symptoms pointing to a heart attack.

However, you are advised to stay clear of heavy exertions, including sex, if you are feeling the following signs and symptoms of heart diseases such as:

·         Irregular heartbeat.

·         Shortness of breath.

·         Chest pains.

·         Indigestion and nausea.


Sexual activity is the primary concern for people with heart-related issues in both genders. However, cardiovascular events like chest pains or cardiac arrest rarely occur during sex because the sexual activity does not last for a longer period.

Due to lack of information, some people usually postpone being intimate while it is safe for them to have sex. However, it is reasonable to stay away from sex in some cases until your health provider clears you.

Finally, suppose you have an unstable heart-related disease or signs of a cardiovascular problem. In that case, it is wise to be treated and stabilized before engaging in sexual activity.

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