10 Reasons to Partner With Managed IT Services Provider

The year 2021 brought several obstacles and changed the working culture of every company. As businesses get accustomed to remote working and hybrid environments, new methods of supporting users and securing infrastructure emerged. Along with this, cybercriminals took full advantage of the situation, knowing all possible vulnerabilities related to these advancements.

An IT infrastructure management service provider can easily provide you with an entire IT team or support. This fast-paced industry allows businesses of all sizes to have a comprehensive IT team to help secure and safeguard their organization and keep technology running without interruptions.

Why partner with a Managed IT Services Provider in 2022?

  1. Cost Reduction

Businesses that work with a managed IT service provider save 30 to 50% on average. Nowadays, IT experts’ salaries are skyrocketing. In addition, when we consider software, licensing, hosting, and other costs, your IT budget can quickly become out of control. IT infrastructure management services can easily help you cut down the cost of employing an IT expert.

  1. Cost Predictability and Scalability

Most of the IT infrastructure management service provider companies work on a subscription-based model that increases with the requirements of your organization.

IT infrastructure service providers’ pricing model is usually based on the requested services, the number of users, devices, endpoints, or a combination of the two. Your monthly/yearly cost changes as you add or remove these services. Such a thing allows you to enjoy predictable budgeting, which will enable them to plan resources.

  1. Enhanced Security

Threats related to cybersecurity are constantly evolving. Nowadays, with most organizations adopting hybrid and remote workforces, the way networks are secured has changed. It requires an expert team to stay on top of new tools, standards, and risks.

Typically, IT infrastructure service providers have diverse clients with different security and compliance requirements and experienced several types of security threats. Such a thing makes it impossible for any individual to have the expertise and experience of an MSP. Not to forget that the entire business structure of an MSP is based on keeping their clients secure and happy.

  1. Increased Efficiency

The primary goal of an IT infrastructure services provider is to manage your technology, eliminate downtime and prevent security and system failures so that you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in technical issues. Also know about 10 ECommerce Mistakes That Are Preventing You From Increasing Sales.

  1. An Entire Team of Experts

When a business chooses to work with an MSP, they get a team of experts with diverse skill sets through years of experience and training.

You’ll get to work with experts in remote solutions, security, user and IT admin training, backup and disaster recovery, collaboration platforms like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, and more. The budget a business would have required to hire a team of experts is more significant than sharing these experts with other organizations.

  1. Internal IT Staff Augmentation

Collaborating with an IT infrastructure service provider doesn’t mean you need to let go of existing IT staff. It is normal to find that your team lacks in some regions of expertise, like data security and recovery. In such cases, you can bring a managed service provider to work alongside your IT team to manage a portion of your IT requirement.

  1. Ensure Business Continuity

With only one or two members in your IT team, you run the risk of a single point of failure. What happens if someone from your IT team gets sick, goes on vacation, or decides to leave the organization? In such instances, an MSP makes sure that all the IT requirements are maintained and readily available so any team member can step in when needed.

  1. Focus on Your Business

It is recommended to work with a managed IT, service provider, so you don’t need to worry about your IT.

MSPs allow businesses to focus on core competencies and put their resources toward hiring employees that contribute to your business purposes. A comprehensive managed IT service provider ensures all your IT requirements are in place to meet your current and future goals as your business grows and transforms.

  1. Improved Vendor Management and Selection

Thanks to trusted and proven relationships, an experienced IT infrastructure management service provider helps you choose the right technology vendors.

In addition, businesses won’t have to stress about managing these vendors or dealing with issues, as your MSP will work with them for you. You can also stop stress regarding the phone, internet, software support, and hardware selection.

  1. Support for Special Projects

In most cases, IT infrastructure management service providers have expert engineers that can handle almost every project that needs to take place.

Office 365 implementation, migrations, server upgrades, penetration testing, security hardening, and more. Businesses won’t have to find dedicated engineers since they already have experts they know and trust.

The IT infrastructure services provider always has the right team of engineers who provide reliable assistance on special projects.

What Are You Waiting For?

Nowadays, most businesses have been forced into a hybrid work environment and remote IT workspace over the past year. The majority of them plan to keep various operational changes they have implemented.

The year 2022 will only witness more companies following the same direction. The ability to work from the comfort of your home, hire talent from any part of the world, and save money on physical infrastructure and real estate has proven to be very advantageous for organizations.

Whether you require a reliable IT infrastructure management service provider to work with your current IT team, to help transition or maintain a hybrid or remote workforce, or become your entire IT department, Atlas Systems is all set to become your partner in IT.

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