The Different Types of Pallet Racks That Are in Warehouses Today

Racking systems serve a crucial function around the globe, yet they are an underappreciated asset. Without the proper pallet racks, millions of companies wouldn’t be able to store their products or materials effectively.

This would drastically slow down the modern supply chain and cause huge issues in the overall logistics industry. 

Every successful manufacturing facility and warehouse understands the importance of a good pallet rack system, though. And if you don’t have the right pallet storage for your business, then you are losing money.

There are many different types of pallet racks available, and choosing the right one depends on the type of business you run, the size and layout of your facility, and a number of other factors.

Read on below to discover the most common types of racks in the eCommerce warehousing industry, and how to choose the best pallet racks for your company. 

Selective Racks

Selective racks are the most common and most basic type of rack. These racks hold flat shelves, either made of wood boards or metal grates. Pallets are placed on with a forklift. 

By putting multiple racks back to back, you can store pallets “two-deep.” It’s a simple solution but doesn’t maximize storage. 

Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racks require forklifts to drive into the rack in order to place a pallet. The racks work like lanes, and pallets can be continually stacked in front of one another. This supports a last-in, first-out system. 

Cantilever Racks 

Cantilever racks are those without shelves. Instead, single-arm beams protrude from the vertical supports. These beams can hold long objects that don’t fit onto pallets. Think long beams, posts, poles, pipes, and so forth. 

While they don’t normally hold pallets, they can hold custom-made, extra-long pallets when necessary. This can work to hold things like drywall sheets that are too long for standard pallets. 

Other Types of Pallet Racks

Other types of pallet racks are available that make it possible to move pallets the easy way. For example, push-back racking is available that allows you to front-load all pallets onto the rack. 

Each new pallet you add pushes the remaining pallets backward. As you remove a pallet, the remaining pallets in that row are automatically moved forward.

Pallet flow racks also move pallets automatically. But rather than front to back, they move along a pre-determined path along rollers, powered by gravity. This helps to create an automatic FIFO system, or first-in, first-out system. 

Pallet rack manufacturing isn’t always that simple, though. Many companies require custom-built racking solutions, that either combine multiple elements mentioned above or utilize a completely different storage system.

Working with a custom racking supplier can help you find the best solution to maximize storage and efficiency in your facility. 

Investing in Your Facility

Installing a rack system that is designed to meet the needs of your business can save you lots of time and money. By maximizing storage space, you can purchase and store more products and materials, getting better volume discounts. 

And your team can navigate your facility and access pallets faster, helping you to get more done each day. While they are a big expense, the different types of pallet racks mentioned above make for an excellent investment in your business.

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