The Benefits of a Performance Exhaust System

Performance upgrades can do a lot for your automobile, and understanding how to get the most from them is a matter of understanding which upgrades provide complementary gains. If you are interested in engine power and fuel efficiency, then you need to have performance exhaust upgrades on your radar as well as other engine power and fuel system upgrades.

New exhaust systems provide you with the opportunity to move more air through the engine by taking exhaust away more efficiently. That means they work exceptionally well if you also upgrade the intake, and you can make even greater gains with upgraded spark plugs, fuel injectors, and ECM units.

Larger Pipes Carry More Exhaust

Most performance kits include exhaust pipes and mufflers that are larger on the inside than the stock model. This allows exhaust to flow through more freely, taking it away from the engine faster and improving total airflow. Stock intakes rarely function at their peak potential because of design trade-offs, but an exhaust that improves the flow of air away from the engine provides opportunities for your existing intake to hit that peak.

JBA Exhaust upgrades are a great example of these design changes, and like many performance exhaust parts manufacturers, they use bending techniques that do not restrict airflow more than your straight-line pipes, so airflow away from the engine does not bottleneck at any point.

Ignition Timing Improves

With more air flowing through the engine, your ECM can increase the fuel flow and allow the engine to reach higher RPM peaks when you accelerate. That’s true whether you upgrade to a premium ignition like the Holley Sniper Ignition System or use the OEM setup. The more upgraded your ECM and ignition parts, the more an updated exhaust will help improve your power profile. That fast ignition on every cycle also leads to a faster ignition when you first start the car, even in cold weather.

Improved Fuel Efficiency at Cruising Speeds

Your gas mileage is directly related to driving habits, so if you have a heavy foot on the pedal, you will wind up chewing through fuel to pull that acceleration power from your engine. The other side of that is that efficient driving habits are rewarded with higher mileage because the efficient flow of exhaust allows the ECM to maintain a more optimum fuel to air ratio on average. This is another area where your exact gains are going to be relative to your other upgrades, but with the right driving style you can see significant changes to your average gas mileage.

Plan Your Build Today

Whether you upgrade your exhaust before, after, or alongside your ignition system, intake, and plugs, you need to understand what your approach is and why the items you prioritize need to come first. Keep that in mind as you check out complementary performance parts like the Holley Sniper EFI kit with upgraded fuel injectors, distributor, and more. With the right diligence during the planning phase, you can make sure your upgrade order gives you the best possible gains each step of the way.

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