Some Lesser Known Uses Of A Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss army knife or a multi-tool is a multifaceted tool with varied applications across industries. If you are a soldier, an adventure lover, or even a worker in an industry setup, you are unlikely to have heard of a multi-tool setup. These knives are simple and easy, and they are always in great demand.

However, these multi-tool setups are not a one-size-fits-all model. They can be customized as per the customer’s needs and specifications. Hence, if you have a definite intent, check out dedicated Swiss army knife suppliers and make a prudent purchase.

Swiss Army Knives And Their Unconventional Uses

Most people know the conventional uses of a multi-tool setup. People have used these knives since time immemorial for cutting metallic blocks, wires, or pieces of wood. In this blog post, you will come across some unconventional uses of a multi-tool setup.

Wire Strippers That Can Work As A Pry Bar

A pry bar, also known as a crowbar, has a slightly curved end on top of a rod-like structure. The pry bar acts as a lever used to tear apart, separate, or pull apart objects. Most people mistake a pry bar for a wire stripper; however, the wire stripper can also double as a pry bar and can be used to rip apart objects with ease. 

Some people also use this wire stripper/ pry bar to clean the underside of their nails. So, every tool in a multi-tool setup is versatile, and most of the tools have two or more uses, but most people restrict themselves to the most conventional use of the tool due to a lack of knowledge.

Can Openers That Work As Screwdrivers

Most can openers have a C-shaped structure. Ideally, the C-shaped tool acts as a hook to pull out the hook on aluminum cans. But these can openers can also double up as screwdrivers. A Philip screw head is a typical screw that has four notches. Now the head of the C-shaped can opener can be used to screw/unscrew screws that have a Philip screw head.

A Parcel Hook That Helps Lift Tiny Objects

A parcel hook is a narrow, thin hook designed to help carry string-wrapped parcels without hurting your hook. However, there are other uses that a parcel hook can be put to, and some people use it to lift rusty hooks and screws. So, if there is a tiny object like a screw and you do not want to touch it directly (due to rust/ dirt), then you can always make use of the tiny parcel hook in your multi-tool setup.

Final Words

People know that a multi-tool can act as a screwdriver, knife, blade, etc, but it can also act as a pry bar, a nail cleaner, etc. Thus, a multi-tool has multiple uses in everyday life, and it is always handy to have one in your pocket. So, if you do not have a multi-tool, you should get one as soon as possible.

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