Renovation of a small kitchen

Kitchen renovation is a serious and responsible business. Here you need to solve several problems at once: choose the color scheme of the walls, organize lighting, select materials. In New York especially, the issue of space optimization is added Vont

One more important task is to use every inch of the room as functionally as possible, especially when finishing small kitchens. Most apartments, especially in the “Brooklyn” kitchens, are small, where every inch counts. To solve such a difficult task, you should contact professionals in your field. The bathroom stores near me, “New Bathroom Style,” will help you find the best unique bathroom vanity and kitchen furniture. We can also suggest reliable contractors. We will advise experts, who have the relevant knowledge and experience, to make your kitchen multifunctional, comfortable and cozy. Our expert will come to you on the day of application, and together you will draw up a design project for your dream kitchen. Visit of a specialist is free.

Kitchen finishing cost

The cost of finishing a kitchen is based on the amount of work, the number of materials used, the design project, the deadline for completion, and the room area. Beforehand, everything can be calculated on our official website, but the final cost will be stipulated in the contract after drawing up the estimate.

Where to start renovating the kitchen?

Renovation work, first of all, starts with planning – this also applies to renovating small kitchens. To have a clearer idea of how you want to see your kitchen, you can look at the photos on the Internet, from neighbors and friends, and see the company’s catalog on our official website. When decorating a small kitchen, it is best to use pastel colors on the walls and ceiling. In this case, the furniture can be bright. Tiling a kitchen floor is a good solution; these surfaces are easy to clean and are moisture resistant. If you want to make the kitchen more colorful, then, of course, there must be a lot of light to increase the space. There are many ways to create an exclusive kitchen design and make it cozy, convenient, and comfortable. If you would like to have a kitchen in blue or light blue, you need to use many chrome elements and mirrors to increase the space visually.

When planning your kitchen, you need to consider some points:

•Do not place a gas or electric stove next to the sink

•If you decide to put a gas stove near the window, it should be 12 inches or more from the window, and it is better to place it within the length of the gas hose. It is also not advisable to experiment with an electric stove.

•Consider the length of the curtains to avoid a fire and many other essential points.

•The sink is tied to communications. When you move it to another place, think about how to hide the pipes.

Today, there is a wide variety of building and finishing materials for solving even the most daring design projects. We will bring to life any of your ideas!

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