RISC-V CEO aims for global dominance by surpassing competitors like Intel

The CEO of the governing body for RISC-V claims that she wants nothing less than global dominance for the burgeoning open-source processor technology, but in order to achieve that, the nonprofit organisation needs support from a number of groups, including those that are deeply rooted in dominant, proprietary architectures, like x86 giant Intel. Interview Riscv Ceo Redmondmartin Theregister.

RISC-V International CEO Calista Redmond stated this week in an interview with The Register that the buy-in, which takes the form of paid memberships, is required to support continuous development of the royalty-free CPU instruction set architecture in order to better compete with x86 and Arm ISAs.To run and maintain this unique rodeo of ours, she explains, we need a certain amount of funds. Interview CEO Calista Redmondmartin Theregister.

Redmond, a former IBM employee, argues that participation in RISC-V International, which grants paying members further input into the ISA’s development, will provide a more fair playing field for tech businesses than what has previously been permitted with proprietary ISAs like x86 and Arm. Everyone benefits from this since it serves their vested interests to assert that their fate is not tied to any one or five businesses. She claims that because everyone is investing collectively, her degree of risk is significantly lower. The semiconductor giant became a premium member of RISC-V International in February, the highest membership level, earning a seat on the nonprofit’s board and the Technical Steering Committee, which decides on new features and requirements for the ISA. Interview Riscv International CEO Theregister.

Along with Intel, other significant businesses that have premium memberships include Western Digital, ZTE, Unisoc, Alibaba Cloud, Google, and Huawei.The prime members also include start-ups like SiFive, which plans to go public in the next two years with a RISC-V CPU licencing company, as well as companies like StarFive, Ventana, and Micro Systems.

There are many more RISC-V International members at the “strategic” level than there are premier members, although they do not have the same influence over ISA development as premier members.Canonical, Nvidia, and Samsung are a few of the members who pay up to $35,000 for a yearly membership. Smaller businesses provide half or less.

However, not only businesses are members. Universities and government-affiliated organisations are among the more than 2,400 members of RISC-V. Interview International CEO Redmondmartin Theregister.
India’s government just made the announcement that it has joined as a premier member and unveiled a RISC-V strategy for in-house processors last week.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences, which participates through its Institute of Software and Institute of Computing Technology, is a large government-related organisation with premium membership. The academy is listed on the US Entity List of organisations with trade restrictions, which emphasises the special situation RISC-V is in given its open-source nature amid global unrest.

The CEO has a sophisticated vision of what the emergence of RISC-V will entail.

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Redmond tells us that in order to diversify their risk, member firms who have historically been connected to proprietary ISAs like x86 or Arm are looking at RISC-V. These businesses now have another ISA to help them meet their expanding heterogeneous computing needs. Interview Riscv International Calista Redmondmartin.

Redmond believes that Intel’s involvement with RISC-V is supporting the company’s revived contract manufacturing division, which has pledged to produce custom chips for others using the x86, Arm, or RISC-V ISAs as part of a larger comeback strategy. Intel is an industry leader in the x86 architecture. Interview Riscv Calista Redmondmartin Theregister.

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