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Millennial Memes: Introduction

The word ‘millennials’ refers to the generation born between the initial 80s and the early 2000s that falls between Generation X and Generation Z.

Writers William Strauss as well as Neil Howe invented the phrase ‘Millennials’ in 1987, claiming that Millennials are people born between 1982 & 2004. The concept was that people who were born in 1982 would be graduating from high school in 2000, and the identity was associated with these people who would shape the new millennium. Although that competed with Ad Age’s Generation Y, Ad Age admitted in 2012 that Millennials was a better title.


While boomers appreciate their well-deserved (sniffle, eyeroll, sniffle) retirement in 200 square metre houses with pools and stuff—after all, they are the ones benefiting from the existing property market boom—millennials are struggling to keep their desk job that isn’t taking anywhere. Certainly not to property investment, as housing prices in the United States have risen by 31.2 percent in 2 years, making that already distant dream nearly difficult. And when Adidas says ‘impossible is nothing’ believe me, some things are.


So, back to that desk job that hardly even pays for your daily fix of bio

avocados (you gotta get those good fats! ), Sunday hangover food, nice skin moisturiser, and Amazon prime sign up.


You are not alone if it keeps you up at night. Corporate Millennial Nervousness is real, and the quicker we recognise it, the earlier we can help our innocent souls.

Millennial Memes

Job, shifts, extra hours, stability, salary, professional life (who created that word! ), job stress-induced excess weight, and gloomy undereye circles are all topics that can be discussed in a safe zone. Welcome to the profile of the most frighteningly true and savagely humorous corporate millennial memes.




Points To Have: Millennial Memes


Top Hilarious Millennial Meme
Customer service employee : sorry, we can not do that for you, it’s company policy
Millennial: aw, ok
Baby Boomer:


  1. Boomers have spent years criticising millennials for living a different lifestyle than they do.

2019 Millennials: Okay, Baby



  1. When I discovered I am a gen z rather than a millennial because I was born after 2000.


Online Visibility: Millennial Memes

Millennials have moulded the internet as we know it today because they grew up with the new devices. These memes brought with them the invention of social networking sites and selfies, which pundits have labelled as an implication of Millennial narcissism. They are also the intended audience for leading online publications such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, Upworthy, and many others, which have been heavily chastised for the proliferation of Clickbait journalism. They are also mainly accountable for the popularity of 90s nostalgia on the internet, as 90s pop culture was prevalent when millennials were children.




The Boomer era has been outspoken in its criticism of Millennials, with hundreds of editorials and op-ed articles accusing them of being ‘entitled,’ ‘lazy,’ and ‘narcissistic,’ among other things. Millennials have reacted by accusing Boomers of destroying the economy, releasing them with the highest percentages of student loan debt and job losses in modern history.

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