A migration agent is a qualified and experienced professional who assists the people to migrate by using their knowledge in completing required visa applications. 

Similarly, the  Australian migration agent is the one who assists the people to migrate to Australia by using their knowledge regarding the Australian immigration law and representing them while dealing with the department of immigration and border protection. Department of immigration and border protection was the department dealing with citizenship, border control, and immigration. Immigration in Australia is currently based on a few categories of visas: Working visa, skilled occupational visa, family visa, investors visa, and students visa.

Immigration to Australia is governed by The Migration Act, 1958, which was passed by the parliament of Australia. The act deals with the entry into Australia, permanent residency, departure, or deportation of people from Australia. 

According to Australian migration law, the person giving immigration assistance must be a registered migration agent. The Australian migration agents provide advice to their clients and help them understand their advantages and limitations.


  • The Australian migration agent advises on the visa options. They help people in preparation for their visa application.
  • The agents are always available. They keep an eye on the application status. They let the client know the status by monitoring the application from time to time.
  • The agents very well know about visa applications, so they give genuine advice on what visa suits the client. 
  • They take the responsibility of documentation and ensure that the required documents are provided, and check if the documents are proper.
  • They give an honest review regarding the person’s eligibility.
  • They represent the client while dealing with the Australian government. They also represent the client before the court in visa matters.

The migration agents provide the client with a written document once they agree to help the client. The document has all the details regarding the services. This agreement can also be done on zoom calls, but the agents will still send a copy to the client. The agents have a code of conduct that they should follow. The agents provide the client with a consumer guide.

The agents will let you know regarding the progress of the application. They will let the client know the time taken for the process and they will guide about the steps included in it. The agent will and must inform the client about the outcome of the application at the earliest.

The migration agents always place the client’s interests on top of their interests. They value the client’s choice and decision. This avoids the conflict of interest.

Regarding the contract termination- the agent will have to give the client a valuable reason on a written notice. He/she has to return the client’s documents within seven days.  


 There is no such thing as mentioning the fee by the migration agent. It is most likely to depend on

  • The type of visa that the client is applying
  • The complications regarding the visa and documents.
  • And most importantly, the experience and the qualification of the migration agent.


  • The migration agent will not influence the speed of processing the client’s application. The agent can only update the status of the application to the client.

The migration agents outside Australia will not be registered with the Australian government. So it would be suggested to prefer Australian migration agents over overseas migration agents.

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