Major Causes of Car Accidents? How to avoid it?

Accidents are inevitable. They will happen, even after you start being careful. You will get sick once in a while, no matter how healthy you are. Similarly, owning a vehicle means you have to endure some nasty things, for instance, accidents. More than 1.3 million people lose their lives per year because of car accidents.

If you live in places like Lake Charles, LA, where accident fatalities are increasing, it will make sense to get the bestauto insurance Lake Charles LAbased. Auto insurance is a great way to cope with these bad episodes in our lives.

But the good news is that it’s possible to prevent big accidents. Read further to know the major causes of car accidents and tips that people like Arnold teach to avoid them.

Common reasons for car accidents

Rear-end collisions

If you’ve ever claimed your auto insurance, it’s most likely because of Rear-end collision. Rear-end collisions occur when a driver hits the vehicle in front or when the driver gets hit by another vehicle from the back. Pay attention to the word ‘Rear-end.’ This means the rear side of a vehicle has crashed with the end side of another one.

Tips to avoid Rear-end collisions

Vehicle Distancing: Just like social distancing, always maintain your distance from the vehicle in front. This is to ensure that you don’t hit the vehicle if it suddenly stops. For standard vehicles, a 3 seconds distance is good enough. However, it’s best to be farther away if you’re driving a heavy and bulky vehicle. Moreover, when the weather is not so pleasant, the distance should keep on stacking.

Be a strategic driver: Simply pay attention, and most spontaneous situations won’t be created where you have to kick the brakes. For instance, if a vehicle is too close to yours, the chances of accidents are high on the graph.

Distractions are hell for a driver: Understandably, one gets weary by simply sitting inside a car. Therefore, drivers often do texting, eat snacks, and read messages. You might get rear-ended pretty easily because you wouldn’t know when the driver hits the break, and bang, now you’ve messed up.

Substance abuse and tiredness: What will happen if you close your eyes and try to drive? A big accident! Driving while feeling drowsy or under drug and alcohol influence is no different. 

Parked Car accidents

Unfortunately, even a parked car is not safe. Therefore, you should not delay getting auto insurance in Charles Lake, LA. Below are a few tips to ensure that your parked vehicle doesn’t face any damage, whether it’s on the road or in a parking lot.

How to avoid parked car damage?

Do some hard work: The busiest parking lot can be the most unlucky. Search for a space where the traffic is low.

Maintain some distance: The center of the spot is safe for parking. Don’t park it too close to the line. Now, drivers who pull out their vehicles from adjacent spots won’t hit you accidentally.

The garage is the best place: Always rely on a garage when you’re outside the car.

Park smartly: Let’s say you have to park your car in the street. Here, be careful not to park it on the driveways, tight turns, and busy interactions. Someone may sideswipe your precious car.

One vehicle damage

Collisions with road barriers, animals, debris, and rollovers are 100% your fault. These are the easiest to prevent.

How to prevent it?

Drive-in line with the weather: It’s a marvelous feeling to be the only driver on the road. Despite all that adrenaline rush, be calm on rainy, snowy, and icy roads. It’s a good idea to freshen up your winter driving skills when the season arrives.

Be attentive: You never know what will happen the next moment. Pay attention even if there’s no other vehicle.

Don’t do overspeeding: Over speeding is not healthy, it’s the biggest cause of accident fatalities.

Driving is easy. All drivers have a gut feeling. You can also call it yellow alerts, just like Star Wars. Listen to the yellow alerts, and a bad thing gives signals before it takes place. Drive safe!

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