Bath’s Top 5 Family-Friendly Cities And Villages To Buy Property In 2023

There are several cities in the UK where you can make buy-to-let investments. However, you want to invest in the best when you do so. Here are our recommendations for the top buy-to-let investment cities in the UK. Estate agents in Bath can make things simple!

Top 5 Places To Buy Property

1. Birmingham

Outside of London, Birmingham is the second-largest city. Birmingham is a significant hub for contemporary manufacturing, professional, and financial services, creating many jobs and increasing demand for real estate. Along with five local institutions and more than 80,000 students, Birmingham is a significant university city.

Modern retail, office, and housing buildings have recently been added to Birmingham’s city centre. Many significant city centre redevelopment projects are going on soon, such as the Smithfield complex. A substantial boost for the city should come with the advent of the HS2 high-speed railway from London in 2030.

Birmingham’s home prices are still lower than the national average, which is surprising for such a significant European metropolis. In addition, Birmingham has gained a lot by hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games and will keep doing so for years, especially in the real estate market.

With approximately £25 million invested in city centre projects to revitalise public areas and boost pedestrian space, and an additional £778 million injected into the construction of world-class athletic stadiums, the Games catalysed enormous investment in reviving Birmingham.

According to The Commonwealth Games Value Framework report, previous hosts Manchester and Glasgow experienced unprecedented growth in property prices in the five years following their hosting of the Commonwealth Games (140% and 27%, respectively), as well as significant amounts of inward investment into the cities themselves. These factors together led to an economic increase of at least £1 billion.

2. Coventry

The heart of the UK’s motor manufacturing sector, which supports numerous jobs, is Coventry. There are proposals to build a new Gigafactory EV battery factory here as an investment in the future. With about 54,000 students each at Coventry University and the University of Warwick, Coventry is a significant student hub.

Coventry’s city centre is undergoing renovation, which has resulted in the construction of the new The Wave indoor water park as well as grade-A office buildings, residences, retail space, and hotel rooms. Property in Coventry provides investors good value and is typically far less expensive than the nearby Warwickshire region.

3. Nottingham

The East Midlands’ major city is Nottingham. Future-oriented sectors like financial and business services, logistics, advanced manufacturing, clean technology, life sciences, and digital make up Nottingham’s core industries.

With 57,000 students, Nottingham is a significant university city as well. Nottingham, which had a GVA of £9.8 million and a GVA growth of 7.4% for Q4 2021, was ranked 15th out of 50 cities in terms of economics and development in the Irwin Mitchel and UK Powerhouse report, “Overcoming Disruption in 2022.”

According to the QA World University Rankings 2023, Nottingham University is rated 118th worldwide and 10th in the nation. It is supported by two significant UK universities located near the city centre. As a result, there is a tonne of tenant demand driving these yields and a thriving creative district catering to the expanding graduate population.

Several highly intriguing redevelopment projects are underway, such as Southside, where new urban residences and business space are being constructed, and the Island Quarter, a new community on Boots Island.

4. Bath

A vibrant city with excellent restaurants, good shopping and theaters, Bath is world-famous for its architecture and Roman remains. The city was a World Heritage Site in 1987, and was then added in 2021 to the transnational World Heritage Site called the “Great Spa Towns of Europe.” It is also the largest city and settlement in Somerset. 

Up to 1.3 million tourists visit the city every year, making it one of the top ten English cities for overseas visitors. Tourist attractions in the city are known to be one-of-a-kind. A green belt surrounds the city as part of a wider environmental and planning policy that was developed in the late 1950s to maintain local green spaces and prevent further urban sprawl. 

5. Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is home to about 250,000 people. Its economy is based on manufacturing and is the hub of the UK’s aerospace sector.

Wolverhampton has recently experienced a lot of regeneration, and more are planned. New grade A office space (where a Government department is relocating) and new leisure and cultural options are available. There is also a new transportation interchange with national rail and tram links into Birmingham’s city centre. Since the University of Wolverhampton has rapidly grown, Wolverhampton has become a city packed with students. Additionally, Wolverhampton has some intriguing ideas to increase city centre living. Wolverhampton is still a fantastic place to invest in.

Take Away

But despite an intense yearning for city living, there are unmistakably pockets of affordability in all major UK cities. This is true even though there is a definite appetite for the country’s lifestyle.

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