Low Libido and Depression: What’s the Connection?


The concept of melancholia is found throughout the ancient history of Europe. It was a condition characterized by a remarkably depressed mood, delusions, bodily complaints, and, sometimes, hallucinations. It is possible to trace this particular concept back to 5th century B. C. Perhaps, its most prominent mention comes in the book called “The aphorisms of Hippocrates.” The Greek physician Hippocrates is widely revered as the father of modern medicine due to his outstanding achievements in medicine. Throughout times, various physicians and scholars have emphasized the importance of dealing with depression. Yet, nobody ever paid heed to their advice. Today, the aversions to activities and low mood are termed depression. While it is technically classified as a behavioral or mental disorder, people often undermine the seriousness of the issue. A depressed mood is an early symptom of different mood disorders, such as persistent depressive disorder (PDD) or major depressive disorder (MDD).

Due to the social stigma attached to discussing mental health, people frequently neglect its importance. It often leads to catastrophic disasters like suicides. A World Health Organization (WHO) article informs that depression is a common sickness globally, and it is the leading cause of disability throughout the world. Comparatively, more women suffer from depression than men. Depression forces people to commit suicide. Currently, suicide is the second leading cause of death of people aged 15-29 years old. The terrible disorder that affects the relatively young-aged minds is quite dreadful and deplorable. As such, it is high time that we all forgo the social stigmas and start spreading mental health awareness.


Parents may make reasonable comments that their children are not exposed to sexually explicit content. Yet, a May 9, 2012 article published by New York Times begs to differ with the statement. As per the article, children may be accidentally exposed to such content at the young age of 6 or 7 years old. Quite appalling. While they may not understand the basics of sex, they do get quite the picture of it. Therefore, it is safe to admit that teenagers of Generation Z are likely to know more about sex than any parent would like.

A United Nations (UN) article enlightens us that a 2002 study by WHO found that the median age of teenagers involved in sexual intercourse was 16-19 years old for girls and 17-19 years old for boys. Therefore, it should be vividly clear that children are involved in sexual activities at a young age. At this age, their libido or sexual drive is likely to fluctuate heavily depending on their mood and actions.

Libido or sex drive refers to a human’s general desire for sexual activity. In the advanced field of psychoanalysis, libido is explained as the psychological drive or energy to have sex. It is influenced by various factors, such as psychological, biological, and social factors. Psychological factors such as personality, low self-esteem, and stress can adversely affect libido. Biological factors involve the sex hormones, primarily testosterone and dopamine, which control the human’s urge to have sex. Social factors such as family, friends, and work also have a massive impact on people’s libido. It can also be affected by lifestyle, relationship complications, medications (Kamagra Oral Jelly), and underlying medical conditions.

So, the children are also likely to suffer from depression and changes in libido. Human sexual drive is not limited to teenagers only. It affects older people as well. How else would they procreate?


Here, a vague link between depression and low libido was established through people and their habits. What needs to be seen is if they are directly associated with each other. Let’s explore the scenario.

As mentioned earlier, medical conditions can affect libido, and depression is a medical condition. So, yes, low libido and depression do coincide. Low libido is a symptom of depression that many people do not recognize. It can affect both men and women of differing ages.

People usually attribute the reduced libido to biological changes, social issues, etc. Depression causes people to lose their sense of pleasure, which, in turn, reduces their libido. They fear being termed as crazy, so they do not mention their ongoing case of depression. Yet, this is a significant player in lowering the sex drive.

Moreover, many people, who are brave enough to battle depression, need to take certain medicines to elevate their mood. These Kamagra Jelly and Kamagra Jelly Australia medications (antidepressants) can cause a reduction in libido as well.


Yes, depression can cause drastic changes in your bedroom life with your beloved partner. However, it is not necessarily the end of the world. You can fight it if you want to. So, how do you fight it?

1. Treat your depression:

Treating your depression should be of utmost importance. You should consult a specialist to help deal with the concerning disorder. As you treat your depression, you will find that your mood is gradually improving. You can also see significant increases in your urges to have sex.

2. Continue the good work in the bedroom:

Even if you are not in a mood to do so, many specialists have suggested that continuing your sexual activity, even when you are depressed, will eventually increase your chances of going back to your high libido levels. If you are concerned about your performance, you should talk with your significant other to help deal with it. Plus, the frequent intimacy will also give you a mental break from the tiring depression.

3. Consult your doctor over the prescribed medications:

Sometimes, the decreasing libido may be caused by the antidepressants prescribed by your physician. So, to combat such a scenario, discuss the situation with your doctor. They may change the medicine or provide some other drug to boost your libido.

You may provide countless reasons to discern the connection between low libido and depression. Yet, it will only help you satisfy your mind. Discerning a relationship established by medical professionals will only do you harm? You should be proactive and ensure your welfare by treating your depression if you have it.

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