Is It Possible to Send Direct Messages in Bulk on Instagram?

You may think what is direct bulk posting on Instagram? Direct is a personal and private message that you send to a user on the Instagram platform. This message may contain a text, link, photo, or video. Now if a private message is sent to a large number of Instagram users, it is called bulk direct. But what are the benefits and usages of bulk direct messages? Stay with us.

The Usages of Bulk Direct Sending on Instagram

If you are a provider of goods or services, sending bulk direct messages on Instagram is especially important for you because you can send bulk direct messages to introduce your Instagram page, goods, and services, increase Instagram followers and attract customers. Here are some of the most important usages of bulk direct.

Introduction of Goods and Services

When you are a provider of goods or services, you are looking to introduce your products or services to more people, but sometimes it is very intolerable to reach all of these people in the real world. Instagram Bulk Direct Messages Sender is a tool by which you can easily introduce your products and services to as many people as possible in the fastest possible time. Sending bulk direct messages can be a quick, easy, direct, low-cost, and attractive advertising tool.

Follower Attraction

You can use Instagram Direct to find a large number of audiences for yourself. You can also send messages directly to people who are not your followers. This method is a way to attract followers and can increase the number of your followers and turn your Instagram page into a popular page.


Sending bulk direct messages is also very useful for informing about a specific topic or event and acts as a reminder where a private invitation card has been sent to the person. People will attract more by receiving a private invitation card than a public announcement.

The Advantages of Sending Direct Bulk on Instagram

In addition to convenience, there are many benefits to sending bulk direct messages on Instagram. Here are some of these benefits.

Interact With the Audience on Instagram

The first and most important advantage of sending bulk direct messages on Instagram is the growth of interaction and communication with the user. Because direct has a private atmosphere, the user can more easily express their opinions and questions and receive more accurate answers. Therefore, the probability of attracting the audience and the customer by sending bulk direct messages is much higher than through posts and stories.

Direct Communication with Target Audiences on Instagram

You can also identify followers of Instagram pages that are related to your field of business or service; thus, you can find your target audience and introduce your business by sending them bulk direct messages. Now, if these people find the goods, services, or desired content on your Instagram page, they will be easily attracted to your page.

Attract the Audience by Sending a Private Message on Instagram

Private messages always make people curious to open the message and read it. These days user on Instagram is bombarded with posts and stories, they may easily ignore them. If you send a private message to the person, it will attract his attention and causes him to follow the content more carefully.

Despite the restrictions on accessing people’s Instagram pages, it is possible to send bulk direct messages to all people, and you can send messages to people who are not even your followers.

According to the benefits of sending bulk direct messages on Instagram, why does not everyone use it?

There are many reasons why people do not think about sending bulk direct messages.

  • Some people are unaware of the many benefits of sending bulk direct messages.
  • Another group of people, despite being aware of these many benefits, see Instagram restrictions as an obstacle to bulk private advertising on Instagram. However, Instagram does not allow you to send more than a certain number of direct messages per hour.
  • Many people also believe that identifying the target audiences and sending direct messages to each of these people manually is time-consuming and intolerable.

These days, many bots and software can send direct messages in the fastest and shortest possible time. We only need to know these tools and learn to use them properly so that we can achieve our goals in easier ways.

The Perfect Tool for Sending Bulk Direct Messages on Instagram

Undoubtedly, collecting a large number of Instagram IDs related to a particular business and sending a direct message to each of these IDs is an intolerable task. As a result, you need a tool that does the process completely automatically. In the following, we will explain how you can easily send an acceptable number of direct messages per month, relying on the features of software or bots for sending direct bulk.

You only need to provide the bot with the list of your target audience’s IDs and the text of the message and the bot will search and find all these IDs one by one automatically and then send your intended message to their direct. In this process, you do not have to worry about preparing your target audience’s ID because the direct message sender bot can extract the people’s IDs and provide them in an excel file.

Some Rules for Sending Bulk Direct Messages on Instagram

Based on the age and validity of your accounts Instagram allows you to send 12 messages per hour. This number may seem small, but for example, if you have only 10 side accounts and send only 12 messages with each account, you can send 120 messages per hour and in ten working hours you can send 1200 direct messages. Be sure you can get good feedback.

In addition, it is not bad to choose the text of your message correctly for your message to have the most impact. The text of your message has a huge impact on how you respond to your advertisement. In this section, we will explain tips on how to write the text of the promotional message.

The Psychology of the Message

Start your advertising message intimately, sincerely, and politely, if possible, mention the contact’s first name and last name in the text of the message and announce where you found their ID. In your message to the recipient, consider a special discount or offer.

Express Different Characteristics or Benefits of Your Business

On Instagram, you have many strong competitors for your business, and your competitors are promoting their business, so in your advertising message, try to differentiate your product or business from the competitor’s business by expressing unique features. And clearly explain the reason why the customer should choose you.

Introducing Sending Bulk Direct Message Software

A popular example of this type of software is the Virtual User Instagram Bulk Message Sender Bot. This bot has many guides and full-time support. The most important part of this type of advertising is to send the message for free. Since sending a direct message is a very useful and permanent process, try to provide a tool. You can get more information about this bot by visiting the Virtual User website.

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