Ways of purchasing followers on Instagram

You could know that you have good content on Instagram but imagine the way it might have been great if you had to buy followers (comprar seguidores) and have more than 10000 followers who agreed with what you have placed on display.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a celebrity on social media or you are out looking to ensure that you have created awareness of the brand on the Instagram account, it could be quite tempting to take an alternative to achieve all that, expanding your audience which includes purchasing followers on Instagram.

Is it possible to buy Instagram followers?

It is very possible to find a suitable Instagram growth service to purchase followers on Instagram. Several services are cheaply available which will allow you to buy about 1000 followers for the cheap price of about $10. But remember that, you will only be paying for a number. Most of the followers are either inactive accounts or bots, which denotes that they are not going to engage with your active posts.

Most of the followers which are purchasable are either inactive accounts or bots and the following is how they work:

Fake followers’ vendors

To buy fake followers on Instagram is quite harder as compared to what it used to be a few years back. The reason is that Instagram has cracked down on accounts that violate their service terms, and thus, what was fairly above board is currently an enigma.

For you to purchase Instagram followers nowadays, you will require to know someone that can place you in contact with a vendor that will deliver the bots – which refers to the followers – you have to get someone whom you can readily trust with the information of your credit card.

But what is going to happen once you pay for followers? If you assume that the vendor is legitimate as per this particular service, you will need to wait for about a few minutes to a few days for the followers to start trickling in.

The seller will start to roll out your followers with time to avoid alerting Instagram that there is something fishy happening in your account. Once you get brand new followers that are automated, you should not expect much to happen after that.

The followers are not going to do much when it comes to the engagement metrics. When purchasing followers on Instagram, you pay for the numbers only. You are not guaranteed engagement, or even likely.

Instagram bots

Instagram bots are all over and chances are that you have come across them this minute alone. Several companies are available, offering automated processes to create bots that they end up selling as followers to those who want to purchase. In certain cases, the bots could try identifying themselves as people using stolen names and images.

Depending on the type of service that is offered, the dummy accounts might come out to look organic, running on automation to like and share your content. Some even get programmed to produce particular content.

 But, because they aren’t real people, they won’t have an organic look of following to follower ratio. And because of that, the engagement that they produce will have very little impact. When you don’t have real followers to engage with the content you have, the posts you make remain hidden from everyone apart from your audience who are inauthentic. Other than that, the bot followers will not discuss your brand with family and friends in real life, because the truth is, they don’t exist.

Inactive accounts

But it is not all fake followers who turn out to be bots. Certain companies sell followers with true accounts. In such a scenario, the accounts get created and managed by the user to get followed in return or for the main reason of offering the service of followers.

 And even though such followers might show an initial engagement, they will end up becoming a drain on the performance of your Instagram account metrics when the accounts become dormant. The truth is, their accounts were created for the main purpose of fulfilling the requests of the sponsorship, the main person who is behind the account has no or little reason for dwelling on the newsfeed you post, interacting with your content, or having to purchase the services and goods that you advertise.

When there is no interaction, the number of your followers inflates with no value which would be brought by organic followers. Additionally, buying followers directly means that you will have to use the pay service so that it follows strategically other accounts on your behalf depending on the preferences that you have – hashtags usage, location, account type, and gender. The ones you follow their accounts are likely going to follow you back.

With such options, the followers are likely going to be real people, but chances of engagement are unlikely. Because you cannot guarantee such accounts are going to follow you back, it is an investment that is quite risky. The majority of the accounts will not follow you back, and even if they decide to, it is not automatic that they will be long-term, active, or loyal followers.

Is it okay to purchase Instagram followers?

The idea of purchasing followers on Instagram is not a good one. The followers that are purchased in most cases will be inactive accounts or bots and thus, they are likely not going to engage with your posts.  It denotes that your posts are not going to show up on the Instagram Explore pages, or your newsfeeds for a real audience.  With that, it will be hard to measure the metrics.

Over time, you are going to get early engagement which tapers off

Instagram followers who are bought don’t provide long-term value to the content of your profile. The followers that you purchase could give you likes, views, and comments initially after you acquire them as followers, but the attention they throw you will not be there after some time when you begin to report on the way your Instagram account is doing.

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