Importance of NCERT Book for Class 2 English

The foundation of a language is set for a person right from an early age. The constant usage of the language and the surrounding environment too affect the language learning capacity of a child. A child in class 2 will easily grasp the basics of the language through grammar, literature, composition, and other engaging activities.

English is one of the most prominent languages spoken globally. Hence, it is taught right from the beginning (kindergarten) to strengthen the base. Starting from the alphabets to words and then to sentences, then gradually the parts of speech and other intricacies are introduced. So, the lower classes are the most essential in forming a correct and strong base of the language. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has adopted the textbooks and curriculum of the NCERT(NationalCouncilofEducational Research and Training). This wide availability and outreach of the books make it accessible to even the lower strata students easily. The cost of these books is low, which adds another brownie points to the advantages. Here are a few points that indicate the importance of the NCERT Book for Class 2 English :

 The NCERT textbooks are very simple in language and are written to the point. Hence, teaching English to class 2  students through the NCERT textbook is standardized and recommended. Both, the grammar as well as the literature textbook are designed pedagogically to suit the abilities of a class 2 learner. The concepts are explained in simple language and with identifiable examples. 

The short stories and poems in the English Literature textbook inculcate life lessons, besides improving the imagining ability in English. The grammar textbook contains all the basic grammar features, to begin with, and the exercises at the end of each topic are designed to reinforce the concept easily.

Reading is an essential habit that should be developed in a student from an early age. It not only improves the understanding of the language but also increases the creative abilities of the student. The NCERT textbooks are written in simple language and with the help of a teacher,  reading out words, then sentences and then short paragraphs will also help students in understanding the formation of sentences and then paragraphs in the English language. This will develop the correct understanding of the language in the student. Reading the textbook can also be prepared in the form of a fun class activity and in turn be more effective for the class 2 students.

Worksheets and assignments are a very convenient form of teaching and might not prove to be effective a lot, but the exercises given at the end of the NCERT class 2 textbooks can prove to be helpful if they are dealt with in an innovative way. Classroom discussion and involving active participation from the students in the class will lead the students to generate interest in solving the home assignments on their own.

For example, the exercises posed at the end of the chapter ‘Nouns’ can be discussed in the classroom and then related and interesting home assignments based on that can be given to the students to solve themselves. 

The NCERT English books for class 2 are crucial not only for the students but the teachers as well, as they not only include activity-based exercises but also have valuable and helpful supporting teaching material for the teacher. Hence, the teaching-learning process is eased a bit. 

The English Literature textbook has a section of grammar-related exercises after the end of each chapter (poems/short stories). This is a very effective tool for reinforcing grammar topics in the minds of the students. The composition and value-based questions at the end of some chapters prove to be a healthy exercise for the student as well as the teacher.

Since the CBSE follows CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern, hence the in-text questions help the students understand the progression of the chapter appropriately. 

An unusual feature of the NCERT English textbook is the focus on listening skills at the level of class 2. This categorically promotes more interaction and engagement of the student in the class. It also helps in strengthening the speaking skills as listening to the oral recitation gives the correct usage and pronunciation of words and proper arrangements in sentences.

The English textbook is a culmination of not only poems, stories, and prose, but also a very specific approach to themes like nationality, peace, and environment. Thus, the textbook along with inculcating the basics of the language also introduces the students to the essential life lessons.

Keeping in mind the sensory activeness of the class 2 students, the textbook is also full of illustrations so that the concentration of the students can be focused on the teaching material.

Another feature of the textbook is that its exercises induce and enhance the thinking ability of the students. The exercises are designed according to the mental ability and help in the growth of the emotional quotient and sensitivity equally.

Thus, the importance of the NCERT textbook for class 2 English can be evaluated from the above points. Make sure to reach out to your teachers for your doubts and queries else this can cause confusion later. You can also refer to NCERT solutions if you have doubts. All the NCERT solutions are developed by experts hence they are 100% reliable and authentic. They are written in easy to understand language to help students score high marks. These solutions are based on the latest exam guidelines and exam patterns. So, you can rely on them when it comes to exams. 

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