Scalp Micropigmentation: A New Fashion Trend

Your hair plays an essential part in deciding your style, and we are all trying to look stylish with the latest hairstyles trend. There is a trend that has been getting more and more attention, which is hair tattoo or SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation). This has been promoted by a lot of reputable clinics such as Micropigmentation North Carolina. SMP is not only a technique for your trendy look but also a perfect solution for people who have been suffering from hair loss.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a kind of non-invasive treatment for people who suffer from baldness, thinning, or receding hairlines. This treatment works quite similarly to the way the tattoo is applied, except it is less painful. It fills the bald parts on your head with teeny weeny dots of ink which help create the look of a shadow on the scalp.

In particular, natural shades of colors are implanted on the scalp using a machine fitted with a micro-needle into the scalp in a mass of tiny dots. Once applied, the result will turn up as an imitation of hair follicles which creates the appearance of closed shaved and iconic buzz-cut, fresh from the hairdresser’s chair if you have diffuse thinning, underlying coverage to provide a fuller look of hair.

Why is SMP the new Fashion Trend (Especially for Bald People)?

1- It looks natural

Professional SMP practitioner is trained to choose the best pigmentation to apply on your scalp. After analyzing your skin tone, they will decide what is the best shade for the bald spot to make sure it looks well on your complexion. Therefore, SMP brings about the results that are closest to your natural look.

2-It lasts for a long time

SMP results can last for up to four to six years without a top-up. Just a few sessions are necessary for the next couple of years of no more worries for baldness severe destruction to your look. Moreover, the process is a lot quicker than dealing with baldness using hair care products or hair supplements. These are beneficial to hair growth but should be adopted for a long time with a routine before we start to see any effects. Therefore, it is best to use them along with having some makeup on your hair to instantly cover the thinning and receding lines.

3-SMP looks well with every hairstyle

The way SMP works is basic and simple. It works whether you have long or short hair and no matter what your hair color is. Also, SMP can treat different types of symptoms wreaking havoc in one’s look, such as alopecia, male baldness pattern, and more.

4- Scalp micropigmentation is safe

SMP causes no danger and threats to the scalp. The pigment is non-detrimental and is known to have very few side effects. You also don’t have to go through unpleasant pains during the treatment. Different from skin tattooing, SMP just results in a little stinging feeling.

5-It costs less than a transplant

Hair transplants seem to be a more well-known choice, but in fact, it takes more time and money than going to an SMP practitioner. The cost for a hair transplant session is expensive, and one has to take more than one session regularly to treat their hair loss conditions. If you are on a low budget, SMP is considered a quicker and cheaper choice.

6-SMP doesn’t require much of your effort to remain

You don’t have to do much to keep the pigmentation on your scalp. There is no requirement for using expensive products or dying your hair to have a great look. However, if some stubble grows against your neat-looking hairlines, you may have to shave it to keep a natural look.

7- It is an instant fix for an important event

Just imagine you have a significant appointment within another week, you have a bald spot on your hair, and you feel unconfident about it. Everyone wants to look best for their presentation, a work meeting, or a job interview. If you need your look to be perfect for these important occasions right away rather than having to use hair products or hair transplants which would cost a lot of time and money, SMP is the right solution for you.

Benefits of SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for a wide range of conditions. It is also a non-invasive and holistic procedure that brings quick results to your expectations. Once completed and aftercare routines have been applied, you can be assured that top-ups are not necessary for the next three to five years. So what is the ultimate benefit of scalp micropigmentation?

– SMP emulates the original hairlines in cases of hair loss conditions like baldness, alopecia.

– Camouflage a variety of sufferings such as diffuse thinning, receding hair.

– Conceal the scars, burns, and blemishes on the head skin.

– SMP is safe and non-painful.

– It is a quick fix to the hair, which costs very little time and money compared to hair transplant or usages of pricey hair products and vitamins.

If you are interested in this life-changing treatment for your hair, there is no reason for any hesitance. However, please make sure that would choose for yourself a well-trained and qualified SMP practitioner. The clinics and practitioners you are looking for should have the below elements:

– Certificates of SMP training.

– Knowledge of complexion patterns

– An environment with visibly clean light settings

– Seals needle cartridges.

– Protection to be used during a treatment session is medical-grade masks, gloves, and guards on all machines and devices.


You should ask questions about their seniority and refer to the previous customers of the clinics. After the treatment procedure has finished, you also need to follow instructions from the practitioner to keep the ink color in the best condition.

Overall, SMP is the method you need to try if you don’t want to stand baldness patterns anymore and also have used a lot of other expensive ways like hair vitamins, hair care products, hair transplants.

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