How To Install A Cat Back Muffler On Your Vehicle?

A cat-back muffler is a great way to increase the performance and sound of your vehicle. Installation is simple, and there are many types of mufflers to choose from. In this guide, we will show you how to install a cat-back muffler on your car.

What is a Cat-Back Muffler?

It is an exhaust system for vehicles that replaces the factory exhaust. It has a smaller diameter than the factory muffler, which allows it to fit more easily into the engine bay. This muffler also features a larger opening that delivers more sound and noise through the vehicle’s exhaust system.

To begin, you’ll need to remove the factory exhaust system. You can do this by removing the screws that hold the system in place, or by removing the entire assembly. Once the exhaust system is terminated, you’ll need to measure the size of your cat-back muffler and purchase a replacement.

Benefits of Installing A Cat Back Muffler

Installing a cat back muffler on your vehicle can improve the sound and performance of your engine. It is a type of exhaust system that uses a resonator to reduce noise. The resonator traps more air than a traditional muffler, which increases horsepower and torque. It also improves fuel economy because it reduces exhaust noise. Removing the noise and heat created by the engine, it can improve your driving experience and sound quality. Additionally, by reducing fuel consumption, cat back mufflers can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

It is a smaller, more efficient type of exhaust system that replaces the traditional catalytic converter and muffler assembly. They are typically less expensive and easier to install than a traditional exhaust system, and they can offer better performance due to their smaller size and ability to bypass the polluting emissions from the engine. 

How Do I Install A Cat Back Muffler?

There are a few ways to install a cat back muffler on your vehicle. The easiest way is to use the O2 sensor bung located below the catalytic converter. This method requires no cutting and only requires minor modifications to the exhaust system.

Another option is to use an aftermarket muffler that bolts directly onto the collector box. This option requires more modification, but offers a more polished look and better sound quality. The final option is to use an external muffler that attaches directly to the vehicle’s bumper. This option offers the best sound quality, but can be more difficult to install.

The first step is to remove the stock exhaust system. This can be done by unscrewing the four bolts holding the muffler in place, or removing the resonator with a jack and a few crescent wrenches. Once the muffler is removed, you’ll need to prep the new system for installation. 

First, clean off all the old adhesive and packing material from the back of the new muffler. Then use either metal shims or gaskets to create an appropriate thickness gap between the muffler and your car’s metal frame. Finally, apply some fresh adhesive to both surfaces and screw everything back together. Make sure to tighten all the bolts evenly using a torque wrench; over-tightening can cause damage to your car’s frame. 


Installing a cat back muffler on your vehicle can make a big difference in the sound and performance of your car. Not only will the muffler add an aesthetic touch, but it will also improve the airflow and reduce engine noise. If you’re looking to increase your car’s performance or just want to give it that extra bit of style, installing a cat back muffler is definitely the way to go.


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