How Does Airbnb Fare for Travelers in 2023?

Since the pandemic, which basically overtook the world in 2020, things have changed in the travel and hospitality industry and that includes not only the traveler’s experience but also the business model itself.

Prior to the pandemic Airbnb was known as the place to go for travelers looking for welcoming and less expensive options when travelling. Likewise, people looking for great entertainment value were drawn to a Grande Vegas casino login.   But since the Pandemic, could it be that things have changed and perhaps travelers are not having the same experience?

Airbnb the Number 1 During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Airbnb proved to be a good alternative to hotel accommodation because there were fewer people milling around and it was also possible to combine a vacation with work.   But since then, prices have increased quite a lot, some 37% in 2022 as compared to 2019 prices, before the pandemic.   Perhaps, owing to these price increases, Airbnb is not the preferred traveler’s choice anymore?

Not long ago, the writer Jeremy Gordon tweeted that he had chosen to stay in a Holiday Inn and not an Airbnb and had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This provoked many comments in response, many of them concurring with his choice to go to a hotel and not an Airbnb.   It seems that there are many travelers who are complaining and disappointed by the service now offered by Airbnb.

It does seem that Airbnb is not as popular as it once was.  Why is this?

Reasons why in 2023 Airbnb may not be the number one option for travelers

Hosts’ Cleaning Costs

Recently complaints appeared on the internet about Airbnb hosts who were demanding that guests clean up their holiday accommodation before they were able to leave, notwithstanding the fact that they had also paid what they considered high cleaning fees as part of the price. However, it is worth pointing out that not all Airbnb hosts include a cleaning fee.

Necole Kane, while vacationing in an Airbnb in Arizona said that she was given a list of chores to carry out before being able to vacate the property even though she had paid a hefty $375 cleaning fee.  In the US in 2022 the average cleaning charge in an Airbnb was $143.  However, on top of this, many hosts request that their guests clean up after themselves including sweeping and cleaning the dishes.  Doesn’t feel like much of a vacation!

Lack of Amenities

When you check into a hotel there is every likelihood that all your needs will be met, in terms of towels, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. and if not there is usually someone there to ask.   Unfortunately, this is not always the case when checking into an Airbnb.  In an Airbnb each host is in charge of the rules and they seem to be more malleable, therefore you can’t be sure what will be provided. It can happen that you need to purchase some of your basic conveniences.

Some people complain about check-in and check-out procedures being unclear, although these should be listed on the Airbnb site and it is definitely worth discussing this during the confirmation of your trip. Of course, it can be stressful if you are not sure if and when your host will be at the site. Not having a 24-hour lobby, like a hotel, can be stressful if you are arriving from a long flight for example, and the last thing you are interested in doing is having to figure out how to get into the accommodation.

Security and Hidden Cameras

Privacy is a big concern for travelers using Airbnb.  According to one survey carried out some months ago, 58% of people are worried about the use of hidden cameras in Airbnb homes as there have been reports of some travelers finding them in their Airbnb.

According to Airbnb’s policy, security cameras are permitted but travelers need to be made aware of them.  The presence of cameras needs to be disclosed on the property’s listing and should also not be placed in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Security and privacy have become hot topics, especially with so many remote workers using Airbnb and the concern they have about making sure their company’s information remains secure.

How can travelers be sure that their privacy is guaranteed in their Airbnb?

Hotels vs. Airbnbs

Following complaints, Airbnb have made changes by updating their site to show final prices, including any fees, at the beginning rather than having the price jump to a higher figure at the moment of making the reservation.   However, there are still complaints that the prices are still relatively high compared to hotel prices.

Hotel guests are not expected to clean up their rooms when they leave and many feel that the experience is a more relaxed and comfortable one than staying in an Airbnb.  In fact, some hotels, like the Marriott chain, are set to offer attractive deals that are aimed at Airbnb travelers.

It is still possible to find great listings on Airbnb so definitely don’t dismiss the platform altogether.  The company is making a real effort to make their platform the preferred one.

Now we are all back to travelling freely again, all the pros and cons should be considered before you make those travel plans in 2023.

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