How do I get a low-cost flight from London to Istanbul, Turkey?

Travelling is all about finding the cheapest accommodation and learning how to find cheap flights to different destinations. It is in human nature to save money on travel and stay, and we are all bound by it. Luckily, there are different ways to reduce traveling costs which we can adapt and apply, so that we may never have to pay an extra penny for our flights.

But when we talk about cheap flights one thing we cannot overlook is the haste in that specific traveling route. In the rare case of finding cheap flights to Istanbul from London, we have to discuss a very busy flight corridor between London and Istanbul. The two major cities of their respective countries have countless direct, and connecting flights every day. Thousands of passengers travel from London to the intercontinental city, and vice versa, for different purposes such as business, tourism, transit, study, and etc.

Finding low-cost flights from London

As a traveler, I will always prefer a cheap flight and cheap accommodation not only in Istanbul but any city. I need to stay on my budget so that I can visit more by spending less. So how can you avail low-cost flights from London, UK, to the beautiful ancient city of Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople in Turkey? Follow my top tips and grab the cheapest flights to this city or any other you want to travel to.

Never book directly from the airline website

One of the biggest mistakes people make in booking their flights is directly booking from the airliner’s website. Although I don’t think people are to be blamed here as they seek from the best possible channel.

Not only you will find expensive flights, but it is also time-consuming to browse each airliner’s website and search for the fare. I recommend you to use a renowned online travel agency website, where you can draw flight comparisons and book the most suitable outbound flight for yourself.

Travel Aggregator

Just like a travel agency, a flight aggregator will offer you the best rates from London to Istanbul. Although you cannot find any accommodation deal on it. I highly recommend you to check a renowned travel aggregator to book the least expensive flight. Most inexpensive flights from London to Istanbul usually fly at night. Just make sure flight timings suit you before committing to any flight whale-watching Los Angeles.

Booking time

Another important mistake people make is booking either too early, or too late. Flight bookings, especially to this city must be made considering the season and route.

You should always spend some time checking which season have the highest number of travelers and what off-season is. Try to travel during the off-season, as there is a high chance of securing low-cost tickets.

But you can also find cheap tickets in peak season. Your timing is always going to be crucial. The Christmas season can be very expensive to find an outbound flight, as people are travelling to warmer destinations all over the world. But inbound flights can be cheaper than all year round. Summers can be expensive, but outbound flights can be cheaper.

Disregarding mainstream thoughts

There are countless myths associated with the thought of securing cheap flights. You just need to disregard them when booking, as travel aggregators or travel agencies can help you get the best low-cost flight to Istanbul from London.

The last-minute booking is believed to be the cheapest in the masses. However, the idea of waiting until the very end to secure the cheapest flight is near impossible as most flights are overbooked these days. There is only a small chance a plane is not overbooked and you might be able to find one cheap ticket.

It is also a fact that flying on a weekday is a bit cheaper than flying on a weekend. So, try to plan your trip accordingly.

No second thoughts

As your timing can be important in booking a cheap ticket, it is also imperative to have no second thoughts when you have finally found one cheap flight. Flight fares are continuously updated and there is a huge chance that prices may increase over the course of the next hour.

When you have decided to visit Istanbul or any other city through it, I recommend you to be swift in booking your flight, or you may end up paying a few pounds more than you could have saved.

Connecting flights

Well, let me be honest on these connecting flights point. Nobody likes a connecting flight and trust me; they are full of stress. But they can also offer you a lot of discounts if you plan them rightly. It depends on what you prioritize, saving time or money.

Staying updated

Although it is difficult to browse any travel aggregator or agency website on daily basis, if you plan to travel next year, I recommend you to make a habit of searching for flights to Istanbul in your leisure time. When planning in advance, you can draw a rough idea about the fares, when they are cheap, and when they are at their peak. If lucky, you can actually land a very cheap ticket, which you will always be grateful for.

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