Gelila Assefa:- The Life of Wolfgang Puck’s First Marriage.

Are you aware that the 70-year-old chef Wolfgang Puck has been divorced twice and married three times? Regarding his marriage, he kept a low profile and did not speak freely. Since 2007, he has been wed to Gelila Assefa.

The Life of Wolfgang Puck’s First Marriage.

The first spouse of Wolfgang was Marie France Trouillot. The couple advanced their relationship after dating for a number of years. In 1975, they were married. Sadly, they were only married for five years. In 1980, the divorce was legally finalized.

Conjugal Life II.

Three years after divorcing his first spouse, Wolfgang wed Barbara Lazaroff, his second spouse. Prior to their separation ten years after being married, everything was going smoothly. In 2003, they got divorced. Despite divorcing, sources said that Wolfgang and Barbara remained friendly and in communication. She was an interior designer who was very important to his restaurants.

Wolfgang Puck is currently wed to Gelila Assefa.

Wolfgang wed Gelila Assefa, an Italian fashion designer, who became his third wife. After staying in touch for a few years, the couple were married in 2007. Currently, the couple calls Los Angeles home.

As of right now, Wolfgang and Gelila have been married for more than thirteen years. The longest of his three marriages is the one he has had with Gelila. Since his extramarital affairs and scandals are no longer making news, the couple is now enjoying a happy marriage.

Living in a million dollar mansion are Wolfgang and Gelila.

Wolfgang presently resides in the Bel Air Mediterranean home with his third wife, Gelila. In the 1930s, the home was constructed. There are 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms in the 12,269 square foot Mediterranean home. He paid $14 million for the home.

Wolfgang advertised his Beverly Hills residences in August 2015 for $8.495 million after purchasing them in June 2003 for $3.675 million. The area of the property was 6,025 square feet. The affluent chef drives high-end vehicles like a GMC and Cadillac Escalade.

Wiki about Gelila Assefa, Wolfgang Puck’s wife.

A well-known designer, successful businessman, and recipient of several philanthropic honours, Gelila. The public figure has been on several television networks, CNN being one of them frequently. Gelila is an East African who was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. She had a passion for fashion early on.

After completing her further education in Ethiopia, she relocated to the United States to pursue a career in fashion and business. At the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Gelila enrolled.

She was granted an internship at Galanos, a firm that creates clothing for several Hollywood celebrities, because to her exceptional talent.


She has recently been concentrating on her own line of luxury handbags. The traditional handbag is crafted from crocodile, springbok, and ostrich. Gelila serves on the board of the Ethiopian Children’s Fund as a philanthropist. In order to host the Ethiopian Children’s Fund in Aleltu in 2009, she built up the computer skill training lab.The Children’s Institute in Southern California recognized her for her efforts and named her group the Champion of Children.


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