Four Differences Between FBA and Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon offers its merchants two fulfillment options; seller fulfilled prime (SFP), and fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In both options, sellers need enough capital to keep their businesses running. FBA loans are available for sellers to help maintain enough stock and pay their trading expenses.

Two Fulfillment Options

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Merchant fulfilled prime is a popular fulfillment plan by Amazon. It enables sellers who meet specific standards to ship their goods to Amazon’s principal clients themselves. The program permits high-volume merchants to trade under the prime label and send prime orders directly to customers in two days.

The merchants must complete the trial period before enrolling in this program. Specific requirements you must meet before joining the SFP program include:

  • You must be able to ship your orders on time
    •   You must offer premium shipping options
    •  Your order cancelation rate should be below 0.5 percent
    •  You’ve been shipping at least 98.5% of your order through Amazon shipping services
    •  Allows Amazon to handle all customers inquiries
    •  Agree to returns policy by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA is an Amazon-based program where retailers store their goods in Amazon’s fulfillment facilities. Merchants send goods to Amazon fulfillment facilities, and Amazon picks, packs, and ships the order when customers make purchases. Amazon may offer customer services and organize returns for the orders.

You can maximize your profit significantly if you consistently deliver high-quality goods to Amazon fulfillment facilities. Learn more about this through FBA loans help you get enough capital to deliver quality goods on time.

Four Differences Between the Two Options


Fulfillment is the main dissimilarity between the two options. If you go for the FBA option, Amazon will take charge of all your fulfillment operations, including picking, packing, and shipping. All you will do is to have your products available in their warehouses, and they will take care of the rest. You will pay a fulfillment fee to get this service from Amazon.

If you choose the seller fulfilled option, fulfillment is wholly your responsibility. You will only pay shipping charges. You can use Amazon prime brand and shipping rules, but you handle all other fulfillment aspects.

Inventory Control

If you opt for a hands-off method for your inventory to focus on other business aspects, you should go for the FBA program. Giving up control of your goods to Amazon gives you free time to concentrate on other business areas.

You may not be able to check up on the condition of your products since they are in Amazon’s center. You can’t decide what products to change out due to being off-season or low sales. Remember that Amazon charges a penalty fee for items that remain in stock for more than six months.

Seller fulfilled prime enables sellers to have total control of their products. They maintain their store operations and can make inventory changes anytime.

Fee Requirement

Costs under FBA comprise storing, picking, packing, delivering, customer service, and returns. You don’t incur these costs in seller fulfilled prime, but your business must be able to store, pack, deliver, and ship orders regularly.

Item Returns

Under the FBA program, Amazon handles all return requests from customers and receives the items returned at their distribution facilities.

In seller fulfilled prime, merchants handle returns. You should have committed returns departments and customer services to handle all the returns on your business.

FBA Loans

You require sufficient capital to succeed in Amazon retail business. Banks may be reluctant to offer small loans to small business owners. This shouldn’t prevent you from doing business with one of the largest e-commerce companies. FBA loans are available for entrepreneurs who want to scale up their trade in Amazon.

Why FBA loans

Amazon financing provides traders with convenient financing options for their businesses. It’s founded on the belief that business funding should be simple and accessible. Medium and small businesses can get FBA loans without long wait times and lengthy paperwork.

Amazon won’t deny you a loan due to your low credit score. The loan is credited into your account quickly. Before getting the loan, you don’t pay pre-payment fines, application fees, or origination fees. If you are an Amazon seller and you are getting stuck financially, consider applying for FBA Loans today.

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