Dozens of UF Students Busted for Using Fake Ids

According to a review of court records undertaken by students at the University of Florida, UF police have filed almost four-dozen criminal charges to state prosecutors against students using fraudulent IDs over the last four years. The outcomes varied, but in all 45 instances examined, all charges were dismissed or downgraded to misdemeanors.

While most students joined deferred prosecution agreements, three students had their charges dropped, and three cases are still pending — two with unexecuted summonses and one still open. Only two instances resulted in criminal convictions, both of which were misdemeanors, and one had delayed adjudication. Two cases were later dropped.

Deferred prosecution agreements have been agreed into by 35 of the 45 accused.

According to Adam Stout, a criminal defense attorney in Gainesville, Deferred prosecution agreements are a contract between a defendant and the State Attorney’s Office. The State Attorney’s Office has agreed to drop all charges if the defendant complies with a set of criteria within a particular time frame.

In most circumstances, this entails paying $100 in prosecution costs and donating $100 to a local charity or doing 10 hours of community service. The charges are dropped after four months of good conduct. Twenty-eight students consented to this express agreement in the 28 instances studied. Seven others accepted less lenient settlements, which required them to pay more and wait longer for their charges to be withdrawn.

Stout said, the two most significant advantages for kids in these circumstances are rehabilitation and punishment that will not have a lifetime effect on them.

He said the goal is to offer first-time offenders a chance to make amends.

“Once you get caught up in the criminal justice system, it’s quite difficult to get out,” Stout said.

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