7 Ways to Keep in Touch With Customers and Clients Overseas

One-on-one customer service can be a gratifying experience. According to studies, effective customer service and communication improved consumer and business interactions by up to 60%.

So it is crucial that companies with international clients keep up good communication. You get to take advantage of growing your network and fostering professional ties with your international clients.

Cheap international calling rates can help you stay in touch with overseas clients. Beyond phones, telegraphs, and telexes, modern technology has broadened the options for communication.

Now, you can connect with your customers on various platforms, and they can connect with you. While some may appear elementary, each plays a crucial role in a company’s overall communication plan.

The following are the best ways to keep in touch with  your clients overseas:

1.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice-over-Internet Protocol services are less expensive than equivalent telephone services, as they are widely used. VoIP communicates via specialized phone equipment, computers, or mobile devices.

The VoIP service’s cloud-managed call handling uses features such as PBX systems.

When you call a client who lives abroad and has an analog phone, they don’t require extra tools to communicate with you. Talk360 is one of the apps that use this type of technology.

Besides, the app has reasonable prices. And also get to access a free minute call before enrolling in a plan. The beauty of this app is that it can make cheap international calls, including to African countries. So you can call Ethiopia if you have businesses in that region.

Moreover, when using this app, you don’t need to worry about the recipient’s internet connectivity. This is because only the caller needs the app and internet connection. So you can easily make calls to landlines, regular mobile phones, and even smartphones.

2.  Video Chat

Communicating with your clients is simple with the help of video conferencing programs like Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime. Video conferencing is the ideal solution to stay in close contact with your clients. Besides, they offer affordable calling rates and you won’t get scared of the hefty phone bills when using the apps over WiFi.

According to statistics, video chats with customers can help to close about 38.9% of sales. Using video in customer care is logical if you want to stay in touch with customers who are located abroad.

The audience will comprehend information more quickly if it is presented in a compelling visual way. It is, therefore, simpler for your international clients to understand the main points of the meeting when the video is added to your audio conference.

You can choose a video conferencing system that can help you get the most comprehensive service from any location and device without downloading software. Also know about 7 Guidelines for landlords to choose perfect tenants in 2023.

3.  WhatsApp / Telegram

Customers today like engaging through more accessible, nearby, and direct channels. In light of this, instant messaging apps have become increasingly widespread in recent years.

Everyone can easily access and use Telegram and WhatsApp. It is convenient because it gives customers an accessible means of contact, regardless of location.

Using Telegram or WhatsApp is a terrific way to communicate with customers internationally.

You will be able to make premium-quality international calls. A steady internet connection is all you need.

To facilitate smooth connections with your clients from abroad, you should be capable of managing the Whatsapp channels correctly. Ensure the message is appropriately delivered to everyone by having the resources necessary to bring every customer together.

You can also employ a virtual PBX to ensure that voice, chat, and video interactions with the clients are well coordinated from a single interface. Since you won’t need to waste time switching between screens, communication will be more effective.

4.  Social Media

Social media has given businesses new ways to communicate with clients throughout the globe. The most outstanding aspect is that you may advertise your business and items using your accounts. Additionally, you can conduct private communications using your accounts.

More and more often, customers use social media to communicate with businesses. This is usually either by leaving a comment on a post or sending a message.

Your customers can talk to your personnel directly on Facebook. You can employ service-specific hashtags on Twitter to allow customers to tweet you about their problems and get a quick response.

Moreover, you can also keep an eye on each mention of your company if you want to go one step further. You can respond more quickly than ever, thanks to social media.

5.  Email

An email is a fantastic tool for communicating with international customers. According to a recent study, in 2025, there will be about 4.6 billion active email subscribers.

These stats show how effective email communication is about to get. Although it may practically appear outdated, it is still one of the most remarkable ways to communicate with consumers that are located overseas. It is quick, affordable, and convenient. And besides, people are more likely to trust email communication as it appears more official than other forms of communication.

There are numerous features in free email programs that help users stay productive and organized. Using email, you can distribute newsletters or customized communications if you have a new product or offer.

Additionally, clients can contact you via email with everything from concerns to new orders. It is a crucial part of any platform for corporate communications.

6.  Virtual Phone Numbers

Your business might have a virtual presence in neighboring nations with the help of virtual phone lines. A company can thereby enhance its capacity for competition in international marketplaces.

While the call may end up halfway around the world, callers may think they are speaking with a local office. Virtual phone numbers offer more affordable calling rates than vanity or international toll-free lines.

They may be your most acceptable alternative for communicating with clients overseas at the lowest possible cost. Moreover, they are also more adaptable because callers can typically access them from landlines, mobile devices, or payphones.

7.  Web Chat

Not every customer desires to call and ask a question. Therefore, adding a chat feature to your website might help you stay in touch with your international client.

A client can start a conversation with Web chat by typing a question. Web chat tool makes it possible to automate responses to frequently asked questions. And you can only escalate the more complex questions to a web customer support personnel. It is more affordable and makes it simpler to contact your clients and stay in touch with them, as it offers 24/7 live support.

Take Away

The above tools are crucial for connecting customers abroad at affordable calling rates. For effective communication, selecting the appropriate one for your industry and the market in which you compete is crucial. You may efficiently communicate with your customers overseas thanks to contemporary technology.

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