Classic and Creative Ways to Keep Memories in 2021

Memories show up now in the form of Facebook throwbacks these days. These posts often remind you of how different you looked five years ago when a friend tags you in a memory. Sometimes you get a notification from your Google Photos.

If you are the kind of person who is sentimental about pictures, perhaps it’s time to create something with your hands ahead and make a tangible scrapbook of your memories. If you’re not artsy, there are other ways you can make memories last forever. How? Read on.

1. Classic Scrapbook

You don’t need to be artsy to make a scrapbook. This is not some school project that your teacher will grade. It’s for your own memory keeping, so feel free to work on it how you like. 

You can buy a ready-made scrapbook. It has spaces that you will fill with your own pictures. But you can also start from scratch. You only need a few high-grade papers, markers, colorful ribbons, and of course, images.

Among all the choices in this list, a scrapbook is the most customizable. You can stick on all kinds of trinkets that remind you of certain events. Maybe you kept concert tickets, shoelaces from your childhood, or a button from your favorite dress. You can also insert handwritten letters here. 

2. Website

You don’t have to be that techie to make a website nowadays. There are free website makers like WordPress. You can create one and do whatever you like. 

You can follow a specific format. If you want to organize your childhood memories, maybe you can make a timeline and start from you were a baby. You can upload pictures, videos, and write-ups. If you remember anecdotes from your experiences as a child, write them down. 

It’s a great way to relive those memories. The downside is that, of course, you can only include digital stuff. But, you can always take pictures of that button or concert ticket. 

You can keep the whole website to yourself and set it to private. Anytime you feel like you want to show your website to others, you can grant them access.

3. Video Montage

You know how there are so many progress videos on TikTok. Users document their weight loss journey or their daily life in a foreign country. You can do that, too, but for a more extended project. 

How about a one-second clip of your everyday life? All you have to do is take a one-second video of anything once every day. You compile all the clips every week or every month. It’s easy to do that—you select all the videos in chronological order and upload them to Tiktok. You can publish it for the world to see or keep it in your drafts. 

If you don’t want it to be on Tiktok, you can use other video editing software. Or, better yet, use your phone. After one year, you have 365 seconds of clips from the year that just passed. 

4. Playlists

Do you also associate certain songs with specific events in your life? Like there is this one song that you heard when you were on vacation in Italy. And every time you listen to it, you feel like you are back in that exact spot. 

This means that music is a great way to keep memories. For this project, you are going to want to thank the inventor of bar codes. It’s Norman Joseph Woodland, by the way, in case you want to know. 

You can create a playlist containing all the songs that remind you of your fondest memories. You can categorize these playlists based on different themes. Maybe songs that remind you of your mom or your first love. Generate a bar code for the playlist, and then you have a few options on what to do with these codes. You can have them printed on a shirt, pasted on an acrylic sheet for display, or the next item in the list.

5. One-of-a-Kind Tattoo

If you are looking for a way to immortalize something, maybe the best option you have is a tattoo. You can have that bar code tattooed on your wrist or anywhere you want. There are also heartwarming stories of parents who had their child’s doodles tattooed.

If you have a portrait or a selfie that you like, you can ask an artist to make it a line art as your tattoo design. Of course, that’s only if you want line art. You can always go with other art styles. 

Whether it’s a lifetime tattoo or scrapbook you can browse at night, it’s something for which your future self will thank you. Keep collecting memories and make them last forever with the tips in this blog post.

Meta title: Different Ways You Can Keep Memories for the Future
meta desc: Nothing feels like randomly finding something that reminds you of a fond memory. Why not start collecting mementos for future use?

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