Can’t Fund Your Treatment? 5 Options To Consider

Finances in the modern world have become harder to come by than in past decades. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy, and businesses laid off thousands of employees. If there were ever a time to hold onto your cash, it would be now.

However, there are times in our lives where we can’t help it. Surprise and long-term medical conditions often require us to pour money into treatment. These medical expenses usually cost anything from a small chest of relics to an island off the Bahamas! The tragedy of it all is that some people never stand a fighting chance. Many of these people never come up with the money to fund their treatment and often lose a winnable battle.

But things aren’t hopeless yet. There are a few ways to ensure you have enough money to fund expensive medical treatment. If you have medical bills looming but don’t have the cash at the moment, consider these handy-dandy tips to find a way out.

Trust funding

Especially in the case of criminal endangerment, trust funds help patients (read victims) battling with terminal illnesses caused by someone else. For example, patients suffering from mesothelioma would have to pay a fortune if they did not have insurance. Moreover, the deceit and lack of responsibility on the employer’s part make things worse.

However, trust funds do bring a silver lining. Depending on the case, severity, and swiftness of response, mesothelioma patients can approach asbestos trust funds to secure funding for treatment. It is best to lawyer up and increase your chances of being compensated in such situations.


The internet is a fantastic place where people can reach a large audience to generate cash for whatever they need, including healthcare. Patients can use platforms such as to gather money for everything related to pet medical expenses, personal medical expenses, and even construction costs for damaged houses. It is a platform where you can tell your story, and people will donate money if they feel for you. Therefore, if you think you can articulate your medical case in a compelling manner, go for it. If the money saves your life, thank the people who helped out.

A bank loan

Most people shy away from the idea of taking on added liability. However, when there aren’t many options left, you may want to bite the bullet and take out a bank loan to fund your treatment. Moreover, banks nowadays process loans considerably faster than they did in the past. So if you need the cash right away, this might be the quickest option on the table. Any other option may take some time, which you may not have.

However, you may want to take note of a few things before taking out a bank loan. For example, evaluate your options and pick one with lower interest rates. Also, having a healthy credit score makes securing the loan more straightforward. Some banks also offer particular loans for specific types of treatments. So you may want to consider those too.

File a lawsuit

If you think you have been wrongly injured or exposed to illness, you may want to consider contacting a lawyer. There is absolutely no reason you should suffer from someone else’s negligence or malice. You can look up lawyers and sue the concerned party for wrongful endangerment. This will help you secure money for treatment.

Money received via litigation can be pretty substantial- enough to fund your treatment and make life easier for those depending on you if you pass. Of course, there are ifs and buts. You need to file your case within the statute of limitation. This may vary depending on the state in which you’re filing the claim and the type of injury. Also, you will need to prove your claim b gathering as much evidence as possible. Do note that a court case may take longer, so you may have to opt for a settlement via negotiation. Appointing a good lawyer and having proof makes all the difference between winning and losing.

Contact a religious organization

If you have been a frequent member of a particular religious group or cult, consider approaching the patrons/religious heads for money. You may be surprised to learn how many organizations are helping people in need without anyone ever knowing. The lack of public disclosure is another reason you may want to consider the option. No one wants to have their matters talked about.

However, there are two sides to this argument. The more people know, the more likely they will pool in and help you out. Religious individuals often give offerings and tithes in their relevant places. If they find out that one of their own is silently suffering, they may siphon some of those donations towards your treatment.

Even if you don’t go to religious gatherings, consider talking to the elders anyway. If nothing else, they can guide you on what to do next. You never know though, they may be able to help in some way or another. It’s worth a shot.


Funding medical treatment can be challenging. But there are ways you can gain access to money to make it manageable. You can approach trust funds, crowdfund your treatment, take out a bank loan, file a legal claim, or ask your elders. The sooner you gain access to funds, the sooner you’ll be able to get your desired treatment and be on your way to recovery.

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