Could Instagram Influencers Help Your Business Goals?

It’s the second most logged-in app every day after Facebook. Given how visually attractive Instagram is it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s the application that is most well-known in the world of marketing that is based on influencers. With upwards of 80 percent of Instagram users discovering new services or products through Instagram it’s becoming more apparent that businesses need to think about Instagram for the future channel for their advertising campaign.

Let’s review the ways social media influencers can help your business in reaching its goals this year.

What are Instagram influencers?

Instagram influencers are exactly what you’d imagine them to be: social media influencers whose primary marketing platform is Instagram. It’s common for them to have followers who are loyal on the other social media platforms as well, therefore make aware of this in mind.

Social media influencers are different from famous people, which is the reason why there is a surge in this space and a decline in endorsements from famous people in recent years. Celebrities have an enormous number of followers due to the fact that they have a huge following beyond social media. However, influencers are ordinary individuals who have gained followers because of their posts on apps like Instagram.

Influencers are more likely to be followed because of their experience and expertise in the field that they are impressed by and would like to learn more about. For example, those who are keen on fashion trends to follow influencers who offer advice and advice on the latest fashion trends, stylistic tips, and fashion trends, etc. Anyone who is looking to cook should follow influencers who share amazing recipes, cooking tips, and shopping tips.

The process of identifying influencers

If you’re a company considering implementing an innovative marketing strategy using the social network, we’d suggest you consider engaging with influencers. With the majority of marketers agreeing that the return on investment of influencer campaign marketing is equal or better than other methods to market, it’s worth considering.

If you’re trying to find famous users who are influential on Instagram this can get a bit complicated. But, don’t worry – Heepsy can help you out. We recommend using this influencer marketing platform to locate influencers easily, and to avoid taking too long with social platforms. You can search for TikTok creators on TikTok or Twitch streamers on Twitch, but looking for the influencer marketing platform has far greater benefits. It’s possible to do it, but the most effective start is to go through your personal followers to determine if there are any influencers interested in your business. However, it could take some time and, with the variety of filters that you can use by using Heepsy, you’ll be in a position to identify the right influencer in a matter of minutes!

As you can see, using an influencer marketing platform such as Heepsy You’ll be able to track Influencers using Instagram by typing in the gender of their followers, as well as age and where they reside, and more! You can also determine the authenticity of the profile of the influencers by analyzing the vast analysis available. This includes determining what interests their followers as well as their authenticity.

What should you be looking out for?

Finding influencers is simple with an influencer marketing platform. But, regardless of whether you are searching by yourself or using a platform, there are some rules to be aware of.

Follower growth is the increase or decline in an influencer’s followers count. Be aware the slow, steady approach is the best way to win! If there’s an abrupt rise in the number of fans, it could indicate suspicious behavior.

Engagement rates are vital for ensuring that the followers are attracted to your influencer’s post. The high engagement rate indicates that there is an established trust relationship with the influencer and his followers when they are able to trust their content and there is a significant amount of interaction due to curiosity. Be cautious of engagement rates that are high, which may suggest that you’ve bought remarks or likes. Keep an eye out for very low engagement levels, since people might not have the desire to consume quality content.

A platform like Heepsy lets you study various factors that influence the authenticity of the profile of an influencer. It is important to make sure that the influencer’s followers are able to match their locations and interests with the needs of the audience you want to target. It is also possible to review previous collaborations with brands to find out what brands would like to work with.

Instagram media types

Once you’ve found influencers that align with your campaign and company It’s important to determine the type of content that you will publish. In addition to Instagram being visually stunning and engaging, it’s well-known for its marketing capabilities due to the variety of content you can discover. You can choose the one that is most appropriate for your brand or product, as well as your budget and the number of viewers.

Posts are the main media format available on Instagram that is usually the most expensive for advertising by influencers. Posts are saved on the profile of an account for a lengthy period and are likely to reach the highest number of users. Posts can be tagged using locations as well as multi-photo videos that take the shape of carousels or tags for products that come from your catalog.

Stories are a great alternative to Stories that cost less. They are accessible by users up to 24 hours before getting removed from a page of the influencer until it is included in the highlight section. They also allow location, account tags, product tags, as well as an option to swipe upwards, which leads users to your site for business purposes or to a specific product.

IG Live is much more modern than Instagram. It’s obviously live! So, people are able to be engaged by engaging the posts of influencers because they believe that they are authentic in their style. Influencers can respond to questions via live unboxings, and also provide an honest critique of the products they review.

IGTV is the place where influencers can upload videos that are longer and can be added to their posts. This is especially helpful when products need elaborate explanations or tutorials. For example, fitness-related influencers may be planning to share a full yoga instructional video on IGTV with a brand new mat made by an affiliate brand.

Reels are the most recent feature to be added to Instagram. The feature is Instagram’s main competition to TikTok that offers videos of short duration that can be edited using various effects and music. It has been in great demand in the marketplace for influencer marketing. influencers can post videos that are short, step-by guides to cooking, pre and post makeup look, or even a quick trailer video for the product.


At the end, whatever type of content or media you select, Influencer marketing is certainly worth it in 2021. As the industry grows rapidly, you’ll have to get involved with your business earlier rather than later. Keep in mind that Heespy can assist and make this process easy!

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