Best Shin Guards to protect your Shins while Kicking

In Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing is typically performed with proper protective gear to avoid unnecessary injuries. In the list of Protective equipment after Boxing Gloves and hand-wraps, Shin guards are essential pieces for MMA and Muay Thai fighters while kicking. Best Shin Guards can protect your feet, ankles, and shins while kicking. In addition, you use shin guards to protect your partner during training, even sparring. We will guide you to choose a quality shin guard along with some of the best recommendations. We must opt for high-quality gear worth your money and avoid cheap equipment or compromise over quality.  

Why do we need Shin Guards?  

Typically, MMA shin guards come in a thinner version, as a lighter pair of boxing shin guards will protect and avoid injuries. In addition, MMA guards usually have a neoprene back, easily slide on, and offer protection. Most professionals recommend thinner shin guards so that fighters can condition your shins properly, but we must mention here that conditioning is for bag training, not for sparring or kicking.  

Shin Guards are essential for your partner’s protection, so always find the best boxing shin guards. At the same time, we must mention that Muay Thai Shin Guards are heavy-duty made up of usually cowhide leather or top-line synthetic leather. It completely covers your leg but tries to figure out the right size to avoid any inconvenience in movement.  

How to Choose Best Shin Guards?  

We will guide you with some of the various characteristics and differences to choose the best shin guards and adopt the design of balance and compromise. What is a butterfly knife? A butterfly knife is a folding knife with multiple blades that opens like a butterfly, hence the name. It was originally designed for military use.

Protection along with mobility:  

Although the wider shin guards are more protective as they cover a larger area of your legs, they will slow down the movements. On the other hand, if Boxing Shin Guards are narrow, they will be light enough and fast. Eventually, we conclude here that thinner padding will make your guards impactful.  

Stay In place:  

While choosing your Boxing shin guards, you must focus on staying in place. Make sure while training, shin guards must not slide out of business. It will create a distraction and make you pause your workout to fix your gear. To stop repetition while practicing is quite annoying and uncomfortable.  


Typically, Boxing Shin Guards come in general sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large. So, it depends on your physique and what kind of claves you have. It means that if you are taller, you must have bigger calves, and you need a bigger size.  

Size and fitting vary from brand to brand; try a few of them to get the right fit. First, measure the circumference of your leg from the calf, and then consult the size chart before buying.  

Recognition of Brand:  

Never settle for less, and when it comes to protective gear, choose the stuff worth your money. Moreover, go for the brand with top-grade material and long-lasting. Grab the best quality and then take care of your shin guards and clean them.  

Some Pro Tips to Choose Boxing Shin Guards:  

  • Seek the advice of your instructor or coach while buying shin guards, along with other fighting tips. Try some of the guards available at the gym to check the fitting.  
  • Try to figure out discounts while sourcing online shopping to get your pairs. Check out reviews and exchange policy while buying to avoid sizing or fitting inconvenience.  
  • Check out equipment on any combat gear store to get an idea about sizes and prices.  

We will guide you with our best-covered shin guards to ensure protection while kicking.  

Sanabul Essential Shin Guards:  

  • The best essential hybrid shin guards are designed to serve either MMA or Muay Thai Training for both worlds as they provide protection of Muay Thai and comfort of MMA.  
  • Neoprene Sleeve design, so there is no need to adjust them again and again during training. Moreover, a top leg and proprietary mid-leg fastener for a comfortable fit and minimize the shin guard movement.  
  • Engineered leather construction along with Durasoft impact protection foam will make them last for years despite hard training.  
  • Quite User-friendly for beginners with excellent quality and lightweight design.  
  • Triple stitched with high durability with reinforcement, ensuring high protection.  

S90 Hi-Tech Grappling Shin-N-Step Guard:  

  • To experience the comfort and maximum protection, these guards are perfect for practicing Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. The ergonomic design makes it ideal for training and fights, ensuring optimal safety.  
  • Premium quality PU Synthetic leather construction that ensures intense durability. The IMF foam padding ensures maximum quality performance during training and fights.  
  • It comes with the best design and natural shape to make you comfortable during intense training drills. Moreover, it will dissipate the impact of any shock while fighting.  
  • Hi-tech features provide superior protection and a double Velcro strap for snug-fitting. 
  • Quick-drying and anti-slip quality ensure a comfortable experience while training or even fighting.  
  • Perfect for both beginners and pro fighters, and comes with the value of money.  

RDX Shin Guards:  

  • RDX Shin Guards comes with an in-step design for both Muay-Thai and MMA. They will help you to maintain an edge during fights.   
  • It comes with a lightweight design with dual padding to manage super durability. Interior construction with Shell-Shock gel and shock absorbent foam to absorb violent shocks.  
  • Additionally, there is Moisture management lining to avoid sweat build-up while keeping hands dry and ensuring comfort.  
  • A secure strap system keeps the shin guard in place with unbeatable comfort in the ring.  
  • These are the most durable top-of-the-line shin guards at quite a low price with affordability. 
  • They hold tremendous value and are best for extreme comfort and protection beginners.  

WKF Shin and Removable:  

  • Star premium quality shin guards with high-end reach, along with a perfect combination of function and fit. They design it to cover all contact areas of your feet and shins along with extra strike absorption.  
  • Nonetheless, they shaped it with perfection to keep your leg fixed and stay firmly. It will make the fighter hit the mark freely without any restriction.  
  • Hook and Loop closing with customizable size to secure the guard to your feet.  
  • Advanced injection molded foam padding with anti-slip, sweat-wicking lining to absorb shock and ensure protection.  
  • Furthermore, PU straps with embedded hooks ensure maximum mobility and secure fitting during intense training sessions.  
  • Star protective gear comes with versatility with various sizes that ensure protection during workout sessions.  

A Concluded Note:  

Generally, it is not easy to find a pair of the best shin guards for Kickboxing, so we have tried to help you choose your guards. Kickboxing could be fun if you put all the techniques into practice with the proper Boxing Shin guards. First, however, one must practice using the proper protective gear to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary injuries.  

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