All You Need To Know About DS ROMS Download

It’s no secret that old video game consoles are now perceived as entertainment devices from the bygone era and as indispensable tools that help people preserve the legacy of pop culture.

Today’s article looks at one of the best-selling handheld consoles of all time, DS ROMS, and the tricks that will allow you to play classic console games on your computer or other Nintendo DS ROMS and a reliable emulator. Read on to learn more about emulators and the best emulator games worth playing in the second decade of the 21st century.

Where to download DS ROMS?

Suppose you love the Nintendo DS, or simply NDS, which is truly a legend of portable games. Despite being discontinued almost seven years ago, the Nintendo DS remains one of the most popular retro consoles, the fun of which still fascinate many classic gamers with physical handheld devices.

But what you will not lack are high-quality DS-ROMs that you can now download from dedicated retro gaming websites.

The top DS ROMS to play

It isn’t easy to choose the best games. Some players may want to play Pokémon games, while others may want to play Mario Kart DS or Grand Theft Auto: China Town.

But what we do know for sure is that he’s a rare retro gamer who doesn’t care about New Super Mario Bros ROMs. The Mario franchise still delights hordes of fans of classic games.

By the way, you can find almost every episode of this cult console video game series on retro gaming sites that offer abandonware, emulators, and old-school games. To complete your collection, we recommend downloading some games from the Dragon Ball Z anime series, a couple of ROMs from The Legend of Zelda, and any Pokémon ROMs for your emulator.

All aboutNDS Emulators

Now is the time to talk about emulators. Once you’ve selected the ROMs you want to play with, choose software that will act as a video game console. Read on to find out which emulator is right for you.

Platforms that are compatible with NDS ROM

Today, you can find a stable emulator that will allow you to play virtually any NDS game on your computer or handheld operating system.


Many gamers prefer to play accurately on their Windows computers. Some of the most popular emulators used to run NDS games on a PC include DeSmuMe, DSemu, Dualis, IDeaS, andNeonDSGBA games, choose DeSmuMe and GBA.

They are the best solutions for running classic DS games without noticeable lag or bugs. We recommend that you use the latest versions of these emulators to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Low-end device owners should choose DSemu, Dualis, IDeaS, or NeonDS. These lightweight and popular emulators will help you play some of the most popular and undemanding DS and Game Boy games on your Windows PC.


As for Linux users, we recommend trying BGB, which is undoubtedly the best solution for Linux PCs. Other valuable options are Dualis, Duos, GBA, NeonDS, Ideas, DeSmuMe. All of these emulators also work well with most DS games.

They come with several advanced features that can impress even a seasoned retro gamer. And even more features and enhancements are in the works!

Mac OS

Although the emulation market is not crowded with solutions for Mac OS platforms, we would like to mention a few that are worthwhile. It is arguably the best NDS emulator for Mac OS and Mac OS X. The platform is DeSmuMe.

This precise emulator is famous for features like full state memory support, TAS compatibility, the ability to adjust screen size and position without third-party software, and the ability to customize button layout.

It is also equipped with the JIT recompiler, and some valuable debuggers that speed up emulation and minimize input lag used successfully on Mac devices.

Tools such as GBE + and NooDS are also positioned as active emulators that can run DS games on Mac platforms. But to be honest, they are far inferior to their DeSmuMe counterparts in terms of accuracy, performance, and covered capabilities. Also, they are still very poorly handled.

Android Now, with portable devices on the rise, classic gamers prefer to install emulators and play games on Android platforms. If you want to play on the go, check out Drastic DS. This emulator has gamepad support, improved graphics, and screen layout customization.

Exactly what you need! Nds4droid is an open-source solution that allows you to play most Nintendo DS ROMs on your favorite operating system. Still, the emulation speed of the tool in question can be a bit frustrating. It is also not immune to occasional glitches.

Another tool worth trying is EmuBox. It is a simple yet powerful emulator that supports essential emulation functions and helps you run popular Nintendo DS titles on various mobile devices. Now you can dive into retro fun and get the most out of your games!

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