How to Get Your Computer Ready for Gaming

Optimizing your computer for gaming can be an overwhelming project, especially if you aren’t familiar with the operating system, internal hardware, and configuration. In addition, if you are used to playing online games on GClub or other platforms, you probably don’t know how to turn your PC into a gaming machine.

The steps that follow will take you through some fundamental recommendations and tips for preparing your PC for gaming so you can get the most out of your equipment and get your favorite games running smoothly again.

Understand Your PC Hardware

The first thing you should do is ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for gaming. If you build your gaming computer or choose the hardware features, you probably know what your computer is running, but if you’ve bought the PC out of the shelves, you may not know the configuration.

The good thing is that Windows provides various options for checking the hardware configuration. In addition, a few websites and applications can help you access the hardware information, such as CanYouRunIt and Belarc Advisor.

Update Graphics Drivers

Another thing to check off the list when optimizing your computer for gaming is to ensure your graphics card contains the newest drivers. Failing to update your graphics card may lead to a poor gaming experience.

The best way to do this is to use apps for managing graphics card drivers such as AMD/ATI and Nvidia.

Clean the Startup

The longer you have your computer, the more apps you will install. Many of them have processes and tasks that run 24/7, even if you don’t use the programs. Over time, these processes can occupy considerable system resources and slow down your PC immortal minecraft.

One of the fastest ways to maximize your PC’s performance is to clean the startup programs you don’t use that often. Open the Windows Task Manager to see which apps run in the background and take up valuable space. Once you make a selection, here are some of the apps you can use to clean the startup processes and increase your PC’s performance:

●      Razer Game Booster

●      CCleaner

●      MSI Afterburner

●      Spybot

●      Malware Bytes

Upgrade the Hardware

Hardware updates that may boost your gaming experience and maximize PC performance are hard drive, RAM, and graphics card updates. High-quality hard drives have come down in price over the last couple of years, making them cost-effective and affordable for most people. Once you upgrade your hard drive, you will notice an immediate improvement in load times and startup.

Updating your graphics card can optimize the animation and rendering of graphics and ensure high-resolution and smooth movements. If you want, you can also add two or three more graphics cards for even better performance.

Those with available RAM slots can increase the PC speed by purchasing a faster RAM. However, before you buy a new RAM, compare the RAM of the games you want to play and see how much space you need to enjoy each game. For example, if the game is 4GB, you need to upgrade to 8GB RAM.

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