Alessio Cerci is the best assistant in Serie A in 2014

Alessio [1] Cerci is a player who has not been able to realize his full potential. He spent the best season of his career with the modest Torino. By the way, the website iBet789 always covers the matches of this team. You can safely make predictions on them and regularly earn money.

So, the 2013/2014 campaign was the best season for the midfielder. The player managed to give 10 assists, making him the best assistant in Serie A. During that season he formed a great attacking duo with Ciro Immobile. He was the top scorer in the Italian championship. You can easily follow Serie A and make predictions on every match of this championship on the iBet789 platform.

It seemed that after such a successful season Cerci would have a great career in the future. However, the reality turned out to be different. In the summer of 2014, Alessio moved to Atletico, where he failed. Returning home to AC Milan did not help either. Soon it became clear to everyone that the player was not suitable for big clubs. That is why he played after in teams of Verona and Genoa. Yes, he gave bright performances from time to time, but at a long distance, the midfielder wasn’t performing so well.

However, Cerci’s individual achievement in the 2013/2014 season will remain forever in history. Back then, Torino finished in the Europa League zone thanks largely to the midfielder’s assists.

What helped Cerci have the best season of his career?

There are always many contenders for the title of the best assistant in Serie A. Cerci was not the sole winner of this award during that campaign. He shared the prize with Gervinho and Francesco Totti, both players representing Roma. By the way, you can perform iBet789 login and make predictions on the matches involving this team already today.

Several factors came together that season, so it made Cerci the best assistant in Serie A. It became possible thanks to:

  1. 1.    Teamwork with partners. It is possible to highlight the already mentioned Immobile. Their duo was probably the best in Serie A in that campaign.
  2. 2.    Full freedom of action in the attack. The footballer was freed from the pressure and was engaged exclusively in building attacks. He could create chances literally out of nothing thanks to this.
  3. 3.    Excellent vision of the field. Cerci perfectly noticed his partners’ breakthroughs and helped to develop the attack with his passes.

All this allowed the midfielder to have the best season of his career and win the prestigious individual award. Yes, he didn’t give out such brilliant campaigns anymore, but he is still loved and respected by Torino fans for that season.

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