A Simple Guide to Dramatically Reducing Your Household Energy Bills

Your hard-earned money should, unless, of course, you believe otherwise, only be handed over for products or services that you are entirely happy with and feel are value for money. 

However, unlike new technology, vacations, and other optional purchases, utilities such as gas and electricity are somewhat non-negotiable. With that being said, continue reading for a simple guide to dramatically reducing your household energy bills.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

Obviously, nobody would advise immediately replacing your perfectly good washer or drier, but whenever any of your white goods start to malfunction, make sure the replacement is of an energy-efficient nature.

Check the US standard energy rating of the unit and when you use the microwave, for example, only ever program in the number of minutes you need to cook, and when doing laundry, wash your clothes at a lower temperature and in larger loads. 

Additionally, you should replace your current lightbulbs with energy-efficient alternatives as well. 

Buy a Smart Thermostat

Another great piece of advice when looking to drastically reduce your household monthly running costs is to invest in a smart thermostat

Essentially, smart thermostats work by connecting the temperature of your home and the control of such to your smartphone, using your property’s Wi-Fi connection and an app. You can schedule and program set cooling and heating routines to suit your professional working schedule and ensure your home is toasty warm when you arrive home. 

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Poor insulation is the number one reason, regardless of the size of your property, why the average heating bill is higher than it should be, and as such, taking the time to either hire a professional or take a look yourself at the quality of your current insulation is a shrewd move. 

The simple fact is that the better you draft-proof and insulate your floor from top to bottom, the cheaper your energy bills will become, and aside from carpets with a good amount of thickness and sufficient insulation in the loft, you should also invest just a couple of dollars in foam insulation to be fitted around any exposed water pipes. 

Adjust the Flow Temperature of Your Boiler

As your boiler is the metaphorical brain of your central heating system, it is essential that you schedule an annual boiler service by an experienced professional.

In addition to a thorough boiler service, however, you should also learn how to adjust the flow temperature of the unit too. When you lower the pre-set flow temperature of your combination boiler, you are likely to see an instant decrease in your heating bills. 

Invest in an Electric Heater

Finally, the last tip in this guide to dramatically reduce your household energy bills is to concentrate on only heating the rooms in your house that need to be warm.

For example, if you are someone who usually works from home, then investing in a portable electric heater for your office is a great way of ensuring you are working in a warm and comfortable environment without wasting money on heating the entire property. 

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