3 Proven Benefits of Reading Printed Books

Do you still prefer to read printed books over digital versions? If so, you’re not alone! Many readers still enjoy the experience of flipping through physical pages, and printed books have many benefits. That’s why the book printing industry is still booming. This blog post will explore three critical advantages of reading printed books and why they should not be overlooked. Printed books can provide more profound engagement with the material, improved mental health, and a more lasting connection with the book. Read on to learn more about these proven benefits.

They’re Better for Your Eyes

There is a common belief that reading printed books is better for your eyes than reading digital books on a screen. This is because reading a physical book requires less eye strain, as the text is printed on a page and is not backlit like a screen.

Additionally, reading a physical book often requires you to move your eyes less, as you can hold the book at a fixed distance, whereas with a screen, you may need to adjust the distance to avoid glare or eye strain.

However, it’s important to note that this advantage is not universally true for all individuals, as factors such as screen quality, screen brightness, and reading habits can play a role in determining whether reading a digital book will cause eye strain. Additionally, many people prefer the convenience and accessibility of digital books, as they can store hundreds of books on a single device and access them from anywhere.

They Can Boost Your Brainpower

Reading printed books can have a positive effect on your brainpower. Studies have shown that reading printed books have a greater impact on the brain than other media, such as online reading. This is because when you read physical books, your brain can remember more information due to the tactile and visual cues involved in reading from a printed book.

Research has also found that readers of physical books are better able to retain information and recall details when tested. This improved memory retention is likely because the reader can take in the text on a page without having to scroll through or click a mouse. The act of physically turning pages also helps to reinforce learning.

In addition to improving memory, reading physical books can also help to sharpen your critical thinking skills. When you read printed books, you’re forced to slow down and think critically about what you’re reading. This allows you to take the time to process information and make connections between ideas, which is essential for problem-solving and creative thinking. 

So if you’re looking to boost your brainpower, consider picking up a printed book instead of an ebook. The tangible experience of reading physical books can provide numerous benefits that other forms of media simply cannot match.

They’re More Eco-Friendly

One of the most significant advantages of reading printed books is their eco-friendliness. Printed books are made from renewable resources, such as paper, and can be recycled or reused. In addition, they don’t require electricity to read, unlike electronic books. This means that reading printed books can help reduce your carbon footprint and create a healthier environment.


When it comes to books, printed books are far from becoming obsolete. They may not be as convenient as digital formats, but they offer a great way to read and learn comfortably. From better eye health to improved brainpower, printed books have numerous benefits. On top of all that, they’re also a much more eco-friendly choice than their digital counterparts. So if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your reading experience, look no further than printed books.

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