7 Things to do for SBI PO Exam Preparations

SBI PO exam is for candidates who want to make their career in Banking. This is the exam conducted by the State Bank of India for the appointment of probationary officers. This exam is very renowned and the largest in public sector banking. The competition is quite the reason being that many aspirants participate in this exam. If you are considering the syllabus, it is vast but at the same time, nothing in this world is impossible and one can clear easily with the proper plan and the study structure. You can get all the details about the cut-off, syllabus, and exam pattern by visiting Oliveboard. in

The stages of the exam

There are three stages that are the preliminary, Mains, Group discussion, and the personal interview. Candidates should clear all three stages to be eligible for the selection which is based on merit.

Eligibility Recognized 

Candidates should be in the age group of 25 to 30 and should be a graduate from the recognized university.


The subjects in the preliminary are Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and the English Language. The subjects in the Mains are Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer and General Awareness.

The most important tips you should know

Since the competition is quite a high one should be mentally prepared and make up their mind. This positive approach and the mindset is the most important factor to reach your dream job.

Another most important thing every aspirant should know is that it is not just the number of hours you put in for the studies but the important thing is how many hours you are utilizing efficiently and smartly. 

Knowing the syllabus

Always know the syllabus, topics, exam pattern, and the marking scheme of each stage of the exam which will help you in better preparation.

The next step is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Also, keep track of the difficult and the easy topics.

After knowing about the syllabus and the topics, it’s time for the preparation. But before starting the preparation you should have an appropriate study plan for each day and the number of topics you would be covering along with other tips. What are they? Take a look. 

Following the plan

Making the study plan is not just enough. You should follow regularly and complete the topics which you have planned for. Don’t keep anything pending as this will get accumulated for the next day and your focus will turn into frustration and sometimes you might just think of giving up as it will be too much for you to study. To avoid all this it is better to give priority to the studies and live behind all the other things. 

Distributing the hours to be given for each subject.

You should be very careful and dedicate the proper time to the subjects which you might need more practice with. This will help you to be well prepared with all the topics.

Focus on the aim

You should have just one aim, which is clearing the SBI PO exam and nothing else. Don’t keep the choice for yourself. When you have the choice then automatically the focus gets reduced as you know that if one is not there you have the other. So make sure that at this moment, your goal is, you just have to clear the exam or there is nothing. This approach will motivate and give you the strength and energy to pursue your dream job. One more important thing is to be confident in yourself. You have to think a hundred or thousand times or every time that you can and you will. These simple words can make wonders. Always be positive. Don’t even let the negativity capture your mind at any time.

Subject wise preparation

Each subject has a method for learning and practice. One should take care that the method you are following is right. For example, subjects having the numerical should be practiced every day and the other subject can be learned accordingly.

English Language

One has to focus on grammar and vocabulary. For grammar, you can refer to Wren and Martin which is really good to learn and understand the grammatical topics clearly.

Reading is the best solution for improving vocabulary. You can make a regular habit of reading the English newspaper, Magazine. Journals etc. This way, you will also know the sentence formation and learn some of the new words also. Learn new words every day and make note of the same. You can use these words while writing essays.

Quantitative Aptitude

The subject comprises more mathematical numerical and formulas. Practice daily and analyze the mistakes. Remember there is a negative marking scheme so be very careful and you have to be accurate in the preparation. As no option of guesswork. Whatever you are learning you do with full focus and concentration.

Reasoning Ability

This is a test for the candidates to know the way they think. It is based on logical thinking. So make your mind clear and whenever you are answering think properly and logically.

General Awareness

  Candidates have to be aware of current affairs. Reading the news daily can help be updated on the current news of the country. Candidates should focus on topics like marketing, the Indian constitution, banking etc.


Basic knowledge of computer Hardware and Software is very important. The topics connected to LAN and WAN should be learned.

Mock Tests

Make a habit to take a minimum of 1 or 2 mock tests every day. This is the best to get through practice. of the examination pattern. You will also get used to the online method.

Previous year question paper.

Once you have completed the syllabus then practise solving the question paper from the previous year. This will help in the time management and also you can know about repeated questions you are aware of the questions which can likely come in the exam.

General tips to follow

  1. Know your syllabus.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Make a study plan and follow it on a regular basis.
  4. Make a habit of reading newspapers and magazines.
  5. Be updated on the current affairs and the news.
  6. Always be positive.
  7. Think only about your goal.
  8. Practice and just practice should be your daily routine.
  9. Make notes of the important topics.
  10. Revise regularly.

These simple tips can make it possible to have a successful banking career.


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