6 Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

The threat of a changing climate and the impact we’re having on our planet is becoming more and more evident in the world around us. Because of this, we’re all trying to do our bit for our planet in whichever small ways we can around our homes. One of the places we can make the quickest difference is in the kitchen. Along with the changes we’re starting to see in our grocery stores like less plastic packaging, we can make some choices that can have an instant impact. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make your kitchen a bit more eco-friendly.

Switch to Cast Iron

Teflon and non-stick pans are very convenient, offering an easy to clean coating that makes doing the dishes a bit easier, but they also pose some health and environmental risks. Not only does the coating tend to scratch off leading to the pan needing to be replaced, but there is also some evidence that suggests this coating may be toxic and damaging to our health. Opt instead for naturally non-stick cast iron, which can be just as convenient to clean and use if seasoned properly – and will last you a lifetime if you treat it right.

Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

It’s time to stop buying those harsh abrasive chemical cleaning products and instead choose the biodegradable eco-friendly options instead. They’re just as effective and offer the added benefit of being much better for us and the environment, with less impact overall.

Buy Boards Made of Sustainable Materials

Next time you need to replace your cutting board or cooking spoons, don’t buy a plastic option. Wooden boards and utensils not only look nicer and are more elegant and stylish, but they’re much kinder to the environment than their plastic counterparts. Be selective over the wood too if you want the ultimate in eco-friendly boards and spoons. Bamboo grows quickly and has been shown to even stop the growth of harmful micro-organisms in some cases.

Ditch the Disposable Coffee Pods

It’s been common knowledge for a while now that the one-use coffee pods we have become so fond of are causing an awful amount of waste. While some are made from recyclable aluminum and their manufacturers offer a recycling program, many plastic ones and even the aluminum ones find their way into landfills. A new offering finding its way into the market are compostable capsules, which have the added benefit of being able to break down in nature and thus offer a much more eco-friendly option to the plastic or aluminum counterparts.

Stop Supporting Single-Use Plastics

Probably the biggest instant impact you can make is to just stop buying and supporting products that are shipped in single-use plastic. Many of this plastic is recyclable, but if it doesn’t exist in the first place, then there is nothing to recycle and even less energy and environmental impact can be achieved. Instead choose reusable or eco-friendly packaging, like vegetables that are not packaged or packaged in cardboard and bottles made of glass that can be reused or cheaply recycled with less impact to the environment.

Making a small impact on the way you go about your daily life is easier than you think. Start small with these changes in the kitchen and then find other ways you can make the changes in other areas in your home. Perhaps start growing a small herb or vegetable garden, or switch those eco-friendly products in the bathroom to extend them to soaps and shampoos. Changes don’t have to be big and grand; they can be small and still be significant.

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