6 Professional Networking Tips for 2022

Networking – the word itself makes a lot of people awkward. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, most of us approach networking with the wrong perspective, ultimately making us dread it. To avoid that, this article has 6 winning tips for your networking game in 2022.

  1. Figure out what networking style works for you

Not every networking style works for everyone. We all are different people with different jobs. For example, an extrovert can make new connections easily as compared to an introvert, so the networking tactics that work for the former don’t work for the latter.

So, take your time and explore different networking styles. It will help you to understand what’s working for you.

  1. Improve your communication skills

Communication is the most important part of the business world. Your proficient skills might be great, but if you cannot communicate properly with people, chances are you will lose opportunities. So, start practicing effective communication techniques for better results.

By effective communication, I don’t mean knowing a language from A – to – Z. It also means listening to the other person patiently and replying in the same tone. Also know about 6 Marketing Strategies and Tips to Benefit Your Tattoo Shop.

  1. Follow the networking rules

If you’re a job seeker, you must follow two major rules of professional networking. First, never tell people to consider you as a candidate first-hand. Instead, drive a conversation about the company’s culture and its role in it. Then, if you feel interested, ask them about vacancies and show them that you’re available for new opportunities.

Second, never try to over-sell yourself. Speak facts and tell them what value you can add to the role (for real). Remember, a relationship built on lies can only take you so far.

  1. Go digital

In today’s gen, everything is happening online. There are hardly any big companies that don’t have an online presence. So, to be in the game, you must keep up with it.

There is a new trend that companies are following for networking which is using electronic business cards instead of printed cards. Like everything else, it is the digitized version of traditional cards with many added features.

In these cards, you can integrate your details and contact information with the help of different multimedia like videos, photos, etc. You can customize it for a specific client/company and send it via a phone scanner. It minimizes the chances of your profile getting lost and helps you get noticed.

The best part is that it makes you just one touch away. Further, it is also cost-effective and economical because it helps minimize your usage of paper; of course, you can never run out of stock.

  1. Start networking from your workplace

Like it’s said, start everything from your home first. So if you want to be out there, why not start with your workplace?

Start communicating with your colleague and actively participate in social events or activities. This will introduce you to several new aspects of your workplace and the people working for it.

At all times, you must be respectful of people’s personal boundaries.

  1. Understand that small talk is inevitable

Most people dread small talk, but let this be an eye-opener for you – you can’t avoid small talk at networking events, period. So, don’t make yourself nervous constantly trying to avoid it.

Remember, small talk helps establish a connection and discover what someone is about. So, instead of jumping right into a conversation, start easy with a common question like “Have you been to this kind of event before?”.

  1. Don’t stop at your “job title.”

One of the most commonly asked questions at networking events like this is “What do you do?”. But your answer makes all the difference.

Don’t just stop at your job title; go beyond that. Tell them what you bring to the table and what makes you an asset to the company. This acts like a cold pitch and speaks of your confidence.

Over to you…

Other than this, be consistent in all your networking attempts. Consistency rewards you in ways you have never heard of. So now, buddy, you have all you need to step out of your comfort zone and make a place for yourself.

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