5 Reasons To Go For An MPH Program

The public health field is extremely important as it prepares individuals to promote the health and wellbeing of others. Public health professionals empower the public to control and prevent disease and manage illnesses and disabilities. New public health policies, scientific discoveries, or any health measures have a significant impact on the life of the public. 

The field of public health is a unique amalgamation of theory, practice, and research. It brings together professionals from across the fields, backgrounds, and expertise to collaborate and find the root cause of the health problems and devise a better remedial plan of action. 

Medicine and doctors aim to treat patients when they contract any diseases. But the field of public health is geared towards taking measures lessening the need of the people to go to a doctor. The aim of keeping people healthy makes this field extremely dynamic and versatile. The public health professionals conduct research and share health interventions with the people that keep them fit always. It is the importance of public health that healthcare expenditures are soaring worldwide. In healthcare, spending is expected to make 25% of the GDP by 2028. Moreover, as a sector, it gives jobs to more people than any other. 

The Field Of Public Health

As the work and contributions of public health professionals in this field get popular,  students aspire to join the healthcare industry. The popularity of this field shows that healthcare is much more than the job of doctors and nurses, though they are more visible. People are also working behind the scenes to make public health policies; they are public health professionals. 

The enrollment in public health programs has witnessed a surge in the aftermaths of the Coronavirus pandemic. The route to becoming a public health professional is not so complicated either. You must enroll in an MPH degree program to get a master’s degree to work in a role to do meaningful work. In this program, you will learn how the living and working conditions of the people affect their health outcomes.

Moreover, the course work also focuses on collaborating professionals who discover these issues and develop intervention and public health security measures. Some public health schools also explore the prevention and control of disease in public health spheres and the impact of ecology on health. If you are thinking about a career in public health, the benefits of studying in an MPH program can make you more confident about your decision. 

Make A Difference In The Lives Of People

With an MPH degree, you are qualified to make a long-term difference in people’s lives. Because, unlike medicines that give temporary relief from illnesses, public health measures are long-term and wide-ranging. With these measures, you can reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people at a time. This multiplier effect makes your job vital whenever healthcare policy and structure are discussed. With a degree in public health, you will create new knowledge, interventions, and concrete ideas. You will not work in silos but in collaborative interdepartmental, even across the sector teams. 

Job Security

As long as there are people on this planet, public health problems will be present, so there is no chance of you going out of demand. The need for healthcare professionals is constantly on the rise; the same is true with public health workers. Owing to this, more people can find jobs right after graduation, so this sector’s unemployment rate is quite low. Moreover, as in the current times, there is more awareness among the public about the importance of public health programs. Therefore, employers will continue to need these individuals. 

Many employers even offer internships to university graduates during and after their degree to filter the best candidates for future job positions. So, this is one way you can improve your job prospect by applying for internships and doing extremely well when selected. You can also connect with the placement center in your school. They often have connections with employers to facilitate the employment of eligible candidates. 

Get A Double Degree

As an MPH graduate, you can hold a double degree and further increase your job prospects. Employers prefer candidates with a background that spans across fields. The collaborative job of public health professionals makes it even more suitable for you to know multiple related fields. So, to beef up your chances, earn a dual degree and have an additional qualification in nursing, law, social work, and business. You can earn two master’s degrees within three years with a public health dual-degree. This way, you will have a leg up on other candidates at the time of job screening. 

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Variety of professions

The benefit of having a public health degree is having a vast array of career choices open to you. You have more areas and choices for upward mobility than many other fields. As a public health professional, you can go into public health policymaking, developing public health and medical care programs, and analyzing public health statistical data. You also have educational roles to advise communities about keeping healthy and safe from disease. As a result, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private institutions, and international organizations offer employment to public health professionals. Apart from that, they can also work in educational institutions, such as universities and schools. 

If you want variety in your job, a public health career is the best choice. It becomes even more beneficial when you are tied with small non-profit organizations. Often these organizations have a small number of employees doing all the work. So, you will choose to wear various hats and get experience in various departments. 

Great salary potential 

Public health is a mentally satisfying career and its monetary benefits. These professionals earn about $80,167/yr, depending on their position. Though it’s safe to say that the pay varies on the position


The job of public health is emotionally rewarding, as you are working to better a large number of people. You are making an impact, helping them stay healthy to avoid their medical expenditures. But as a professional, you can also earn a good amount of money each year. Whether you want to go into policymaking or educational roles, the job is beneficial in all ways. Moreover, your employment is not limited by geographical boundaries, as national and international organizations need public health professionals. 

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