3 Unique And Lucrative Business Start-Up ideas

Many prospering and budding start-ups believe innovation is the key to establishing success. One must develop an innovative and ingenious idea that will inspire the audience and provide some utility.

One needs to know precisely what the market trends are and what their target market needs at the moment, which other businesses probably lack. Establishing an unparalleled, profit-making firm takes a lot of research, hard work, and investment. But the most fundamental aspect is an unmatched start-up idea. It helps you gain first-mover advantages within your sector.

Given below are three extraordinary ideas for building a Money making business:

1.  Oil Filters Supplier

Oil Filters are generally used in heat engines to strain all the unwanted and harmful particles from the engine, transmission, lubricating, and hydraulic oils. They are extensively required in motor vehicles, aircraft, locomotives, generators, pumps, and mechanical devices.

How Does It Work?

A metal can is sealed with a gasket that fastens to the engine’s surface. The base of the can is pierced with holes, and the gasket is attached to the bottom surface. A more extensive cavity is formed at the centre of the can to insert the oil filter assembly. The material used for manufacturing the filter is usually synthetic fibre. The oil is pushed through the engine’s oil pump and filtered through the filtering mechanism. Also know about 3 Keys to Improve How You Shop for Groceries.

The Business

Oil filters are vastly required in the automobile industry as clean and refined oil is the need of every optimal engine. Automobile manufacturers constantly look for suppliers to provide spare auto parts at an affordable cost.

You can start your oil filter distribution business by purchasing it from vintage car parts suppliers. Look for potential buyers who might find these filters handy. Once you get the product from your supplier, you can sell these filters to various automobile manufacturing companies and earn a considerable amount of profit.

2.  Pipette Tips Supplier

Pipette tips are plastic molded tips attached to pipettes to accurately and carefully transfer a precise amount of liquid to a container accurately and carefully. They have applications in research and microbiology laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries.

These tips help to speed up the process and reduce the chances of cross-contamination. They can be categorised as filtered, non-sterile, and pre-sterilized tips. Each type has its applications, though non-sterile ones are the most commonly used.


Non-sterile tips are used in the labs where sterility doesn’t play many roles in the experiments. Pre-sterilized tips prevent contamination as they are certified free of DNA, RNase, ATP, and pyrogens. They are primarily applicable for experiments in need of sterility like cell cultures.

●    Laboratory

Humans can never satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Researchers always keep experimenting in their labs with microbiology or chemistry to find an explanation for many unanswered questions.

As this expedition is ceaseless, so is the use of pipette tips. You can start your business by supplying oem lab use plastic pipette tips to research laboratories in metropolitan cities.

●    Food And Beverages

The food and beverage industry has recently adopted pipette tips for filling different syringes, bottles, and tubes. You can take advantage of this newly introduced equipment by searching for nearby food chain suppliers who require pipette tips for producing their food or beverage products.

3.  Piping Strainers Supplier

Piping strainers are used to filter out solid debris particles from the liquid flowing through pipelines that may have adverse effects on the liquid inside the pipelines. They protect expensive equipment like pumps, valves, turbines, nozzles, compressors, and other sensitive equipment from damage that this debris may cause.

Strainers are required in almost every industry for accurate production of highly sensitive mechanical equipment to filter out unwanted substances that may degrade their performance and prove to be threatening to them.

Strainers need to be installed near the following types of equipment:

  • Metres
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Pumps

Depending on the use, there are two types of strainers in piping – permanent and temporary. As the names suggest, permanent ones are installed to the device permanently, whereas the temporary ones are just temporarily attached to the equipment and can be removed or reattached anytime.

Search for a mechanical equipment manufacturer who may require these strainers for the production of their product. These strainers are in great demand and have an immense scope of applications that will ensure success for your business.


The business you start must be something different and unique. A product or service that is required extensively and has a huge demand but is unknown to many may help you establish a profitable business.

Research and gather necessary information about your business and check out what’s happening in the market. Brainstorming will undoubtedly help you develop an innovative start-up idea from the abovementioned ones.

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