13 Designer Hats for Men

Hats are a great finishing touch to any outfit, but designer hats are the perfect touch. They aren’t so obvious that everyone who sees you will think you’re a walking billboard for the brand, but they are stylish enough to show off your tastes and make you stand out in a crowd. 

Depending on your sense of style, you may like one type of hat more than another. Don’t worry, though, you’ll be able to find the perfect designer hat for you in the list below.

Baseball Caps

1. Emporio Armani Travel Essential Nylon Baseball Cap

This baseball cap comes in two colors: beige and orange. It makes for a great travel accessory, but it also matches well with any casual outfit. With a velcro closure and the brand logo embroidered on the side, this cap is the perfect addition to any outfit.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Logo Plaque Baseball Cap

This sleek cap is stylish and comfortable. With the Dolce & Gabbana logo emblazoned on a plaque, this black cap will add a touch of fashion to any outfit, whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or a pullover.

3. Greg Lauren Gray Check Cap

This snapback cap is made from checkered wool, making it almost resemble a newsboy cap. It’s comfortable, warm, and unobtrusive so you can wear it without being too obvious about where it’s from. If anyone does ask, though, you can tell them it’s designer.

4. Balenciaga Black BB Paris Icon Cap

If you want subtle Balenciaga merch, this is a great cap to go for. It’s sleek, black, and has the all-too familiar double B on the front. It has a curved brim and velcro in the back to make sure it fits well. It’s also made in Italy and although it comes looking a little worn, it’s sure to draw attention.

Bucket Hats

5. Emporio Armani Packable Bucket Hat in Striped Virgin Wool

Although Armani calls this hat a cloche hat, it’s essentially a bucket hat, so it made this part of the list. Made from striped virgin wool, this black bucket hat comes in 4 sizes so that you can find the fit for you. It has a subtle black Emporio Armani logo on the side and is more stylish than casual.

6. Who Decides War Crown of Thorns Bucket Hat

As a brand created by designer Ev Bravado, Who Decides War is a bit off the beaten path. The Crown of Thorns bucket hat is a distressed hat made from either blue or black denim. It has the brand’s name printed across the top and embroidered thorns around the sides and back. Each hat is individually made and distressed, giving you a truly original big hat to wear.

7. Erdem Bucket Hat Kallmus Nylon

Erdem’s newest collection includes this fun, floral bucket hat for men that is worth checking out. It’s made from black nylon and has printed florals that come in red, blue, and green. It’s even designed to fit heads of all sizes: 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, and 62cm.

8. Givenchy Black Bucket Hat

This nylon bucket hat comes in a sleek black and has metal eyelets on the back. With the Givenchy logo embroidered on the front in white, there will be no question about who made your hat and from whom you got it. Available in sizes from 55cm up to 60cm, you should be able to find a size that fits you well. 


9. Emporio Armani Ribbed Wool Beanie

This little white beanie is great for when cold weather hits. It’s warm, matches well with most outfits, and comes in two sizes: medium and large. With a simple, yet recognizable brand logo on the front, this beanie is the perfect winter solution for staying warm and looking stylish all at once.

10. Ralph Lauren Custom Wool Beanie

Ralph Lauren allows customers to design their own wool beanie for less than $100! With the custom wool beanie, you can choose from an array of colors and pick your favorite graphic for the front. For the final touch, you can choose how you want the trim of your beanie to look. Not only is this a great way to buy a designer hat, but it also gives you the extra bragging rights of saying that you designed the hat yourself!

11. Gucci Beige Cotton GG Beanie

Gucci has one of the largest selections of hats in the designer world, but this beanie is certainly worth a look. This 100% cotton beanie was inspired by a design from the ‘30s, but there’s no question about where it comes from. With several large, blue GG motifs on the hat, you can stay warm and show off your style at the same time.

12. Emporio Armani Multi-Color Beanie

Although this beanie is advertised as black, it comes with brown, white, and green knitted in. It’s a warm, multi-color beanie that doesn’t slouch, so for all those who don’t enjoy the long, slouchy beanies, this is a good next choice. To make sure it fits, there are three sizes available: small, medium, and large.

13. Givenchy Beanie in Wool

This black or red beanie is simple, but warm. It’s made from Merino wool jacquard with Givenchy stitched in white around the trim. Just like the Armani beanie listed above, this short beanie doesn’t slouch and sits right on your head, keeping you warm without the hassle of keeping your beanie on your head throughout the day.

Upgrade Your Fashion Sense

Adding a hat is the perfect way to upgrade any outfit. Whether you choose a beanie, bucket hat, or a baseball cap, designer brands have you covered. Some brands, such as Gucci, even have Panama hats, newsboy caps, and fedoras for a more professional look.

Hats are one of the best accessories which is why you should invest in high quality. With a hat that will last a while and a brand that you trust, you won’t be disappointed in your investment. 


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