10 DIY You Can Do With Clothes You Can Not Donate

DIY is not only a method for improving one’s craftsmanship but also an environment-friendly practice promoting the three R’s recycle, reuse, and reduce. Old clothes are one of the causative reasons for contamination since their decaying period is exceptionally long; moreover, they produce a ton of poisonous gases during the process, which is unsafe for the climate.

So try to be smarter in removing your old clothes and purchasing new ones. You can likewise give second-hand clothes a chance like zagumi used clothing, a site full of second-hand shoes and garments in excellent condition and at a sensible cost. However, what about the ones not in good condition for giving away? You can use these old pieces in various ways in daily life rather than throwing them away. So following are 10 DIY hacks that can help you refurbish old clothes.

1.  Home Decor

You can use old clothes to make different home decor, like

  • using your old pair of jeans to make denim yarn or plant hanging.
  • likewise, utilize your old Tee with good quotations to create a graphic tee wall canvas
  • Make a wall of memory with clothes connected with some best occasions you cherish in your life.
  • Decorating basic photo frames with fancy fabric from your old garments.

2. Help Animal Rescue Shelters

You can give your old clothes to the animal rescue shelters as they can utilize them for making comfortable beds for penniless creatures. You can likewise make stuffed toys out of old garments and give them away to cat and dog shelters so that they can enjoy these little gifts.

3. Make Hair Accessories

Utilize old bits of fabric to make different adornments like headbands, scrunchies, and hair clips. Many videos are available on social media that can help you make hair accessories from scratch. So now you don’t need to spend an additional bucks to look charming!

4.Give Them For Recycling

You can directly give up your old garments to the fabric recycling industries, which will recover and reprocess the materials into new ones. They accept clothes in every condition and shred them to extract raw material to make new products. Learn more about the recycling process.

5.Use It As Cleaning Rags

As our mothers utilize everything till its last breath, we should also try to learn this hack for them by using unwanted pieces of cloth for wiping and dusting in household chores. In this way, you can reuse old clothes again and again.

6.Make a Compost

Make compost of the old garments which are not fit for donation, but before making compost, you have to follow certain conditions

  • The cloth should be of 100% pure natural fiber like wool, silk, and cotton.
  • The garments shouldn’t have a mix of synthetic cloth materials like polyester, nylon, etc
  • Shred the cloth finely before dumping it in the pits

After a couple of months, it will decompose naturally and keep up with soil richness.

7. Exchange Your Clothes

Certain brands acknowledge garments in any condition and, in return, give discounts and shopping vouchers. You can dispose of unwanted clothes and purchase new ones at a great price. So try to keep an eye on such deals. Now you can upgrade your wardrobe and get rid of useless clothes. How cool is that!

8.Make Toys

You must be friends with one little kid or a charming pet in your life. So try to give them stuffed toys and make them from scratch, for example, old shredded fabric and a couple of old socks.  You can likewise get innovative by creating a new dress for your little girl’s Barbie.

9.Waxing Straps

Let’s be honest no one wants to invest money and time in lengthy waxing sessions at a salon. So many people do waxing at home, and most of us are not aware of this hack that pieces of denim work great as waxing straps. Besides, it’s reusable, which is another environmentally friendly hack. So don’t burn your cash on purchasing waxing straps, and give chance to your old denims for that flawless finish after waxing.

10. Handbags

You can utilize clothes like a basic T-shirt, denim, or sarees to make boho handbags for everyday use like shopping, storage, etc. It will supplant the usage of plastic bags, which is one of the critical reasons for pollution. Moreover, you can reuse them for a long time as compared to plastic bags. So try this hack; you can take assistance from your neighborhood tailor for the same.

So, with the fast-changing styles, everyone is running behind trends recklessly, prompting more textile waste. Old garments are as unsafe as plastic for our environment. Many individuals are unaware about the fact  that most of the clothes they wear are not biodegradable, affecting our planet. so try to utilize your clothes as much as possible before discarding them.

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